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 A visitor at the guard barracks.

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PostSubject: A visitor at the guard barracks.   Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:59 pm

*A folded note with a wax seal depicting a ravens head with a coin in it's beak is left at the guards barracks with a figure of higher authority. Specific instructions would be left with said guard to give the note to figure of importance within Shadowdale's political structure. If it were to reach the hands of the appropriate person, it would read once unfolded:*

To whom it may concern,

Firstly, I would like to apologies if news of such events are becoming redundant. Plenty of rumors are already afloat of undead sightings and attacks, but I bring word of a recent attack upon myself and four others that were in my company. I leave this message in private instead of posting on the notice board outside the inn in order to not incite panic amongst the citizens who might see it.

In the evening just past, my companions and I had slain a presumed vampire and her rather numerous hoard of shades and specters just to the north-east, outside the gate near the famed Silverhand Estate. The vapor of the slain creature had drifted south but before she was felled, she stood atop a hill and mentioned word of friends being beneath the ground which she stood on. Whether this referred to her spectral army or something other was never clarified but it might be something to consider investigating.

Perhaps most concerning of all was the use of decoy by the vampire who assumed the form of a common woman in an attempt to play upon our good nature.

If you'd like to further discuss this event in person, the one whom I've left this message with should be able to adequately describe me.

Ashenar Nylund, archer of Bryn Shander.
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A visitor at the guard barracks.
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