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 Petition for Conditional Re-Entry

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PostSubject: Petition for Conditional Re-Entry   Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:36 pm

*Jonah speaks to the Elders of the town, and to the officials (Taeron, Bryanna, Kendra, and all the Deputies) about allowing Mark a conditional re-entry into town during the evening hours.*

"Mark has gone above and beyond what many in this town have done in service of its people. He has suffered great harm in doing so, and has come back to continue that service despite it. It is unreasonable to leave him in the Wilderness after nightfall with this gathering Darkness about..." *He speaks in veiled reference to the appearance of several undead, specifically Vampires in the area recently.*

"It doesn't matter what you think of him; if you think he's a fool, or an idiot, or brash, or unreasonable, what-have-you... what matters is that he has done good for this City and it's People, and the least we as a community owe him is basic safety to sleep at night."

*Jonah awaits feedback*
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Petition for Conditional Re-Entry
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