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 Raising the spirits and spreading the truth

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PostSubject: Raising the spirits and spreading the truth   Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:26 am

*Taeron can be seen walking to those who are preparing to leave Shadowdale.
Given his height, he doesn't really need a stage to step on to address the whole crowd.*

People of Shadowdale,

I know you're planning to leave. And I will not try to hold you in Shadowdale. But I believe you deserve to know what happened and why so much evil has been forced on you.

This farming community – your home, was invaded by strange creatures – parasites, if you will. They live inside human bodies and can force the victims to do unspeakable things. Even the strongest men and women often succumb to their will, or they die.

The despicable acts of evil, cowardice or treason that you have seen might not have been caused by the ones you love – but rather by these parasites from a far realm. They hold the name “Tsochari”.

*Taeron pauses for a brief moment*

I am aware that this will in no way change the past. I understand that you believe we failed you. And you might be right. I was tasked to protect Shadowdale from outside threats, and I failed to protect it from the one that seemingly came from within. A heavy price has been paid.

We all lost so much.

Know, that no one... No one in the realms, be it mortal or god, can hold it against you, if you wish to seek happiness elsewhere. And we will do our best to give you everything you need for a fresh start in the Lathander farms near the elven city.

*the barbarian looks over the crowd – being as understanding as he can, whenever his wisdom wins over his savage nature*

But if you decide to stay...

I can't promise you, that no such thing will happen again. Shadowdale has always tested by the gods... The Zhents, the undead, drow, diseases and plagues... And now the parasites from the far realm.

I can't promise you that you will not face further hardship.

I can only promise you that those who stay, will work hard to rebuild. We will strive to make the town a better place. We will try to raise from the ashes once again, so that one day, when your heart calls you back – you will find a town that finally enjoys peace.

We will strive to show the gods, that the people of Shadowdale are not broken that easily. Because I know that determination is something the gods can respect. Shadowdale has bowed down its head for years. It is time for it to face the world proudly.

If you wish to leave, I wish you a safe journey and you have my patron's blessings.

But if you somehow find the inner strength to stay and try once again, I am sure that of all the gods, at least Uthgar will look favorably on you.

*With that, Taeron moves through the crowd to inspect the group of adventurers who will be escorting the farmers - to see if they need any supplies or blessings. He moves rather slow - giving the farmers some time to soak it all in...*
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PostSubject: Re: Raising the spirits and spreading the truth   Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:13 pm

The farmers look to him, listen, watch. They grow silent and gather as he speaks and as he moves through the crowd, murmurs.

"It's not the same...."

"Who has lived here longest....."

"A meeting...."
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Raising the spirits and spreading the truth
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