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 Bryannas Orders

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PostSubject: Bryannas Orders   Sun Mar 23, 2014 1:53 pm

DrunkenSolamnic wrote:
After the blast of dismissal echoed out from the Twisted Tower and the delivery of the news that a lich had struck with an army to the east, alighting the woods Bryanna moves to take charge of Shadowdale again.

The remaining defenders... Helmites, Chaunteans, Lathandrites, mercenaries, and militia all are gathered and issued their orders.

1.) The are north of the river is to be evacuated south over the river.
2.) A strong point is to be established at the northern bridge over the Ashaba, and the strongpoint at the Western bridge and crossing manned again.
3.) The men are split into four equal groups. One quarter is to man each of the three entrances to the town. They're instructed to pitch new camps near their posts and work in eight hour shifts with one third of each quarter on duty.
4.) The remaining quarter of the defenders are given direction to patrol the town streets and give assistance to the commoners as they can. Order is to be mantained but minor transgressions are for now to simply be settled without arrest as men can't be spared for guarding or escorting prisoners. Any major transgressions are to be thrown outside of the gates and denied re-entry.
5.) The officer in charge of each chokepoint is given a signal horn, the extra quarter of the militia working on other tasks are ordered to respond to the horns while the ones at other checkpoints are ordered to hold their positions should the horns be sounded.

The next call is for able-bodied volunteers from among the common people. The following requests are made of them.
1.) Anyone willing and able to use weaponry is asked to arm themselves and assist the defenders in securing the town's perimeter against re-incursion by the worms or other threats.
2.) Anyone unwilling to take up arms, but still able is asked to assist in building defensive works up at the choke points.
3.) Anyone unwilling to take up arms and unable to do heavy labor is asked to begin going door to door, checking in with neighbors and families and organizing communal cooking and housing inside the town proper until the out-lying areas can be swept and re-secured.
4.) Surviving elders of the town are asked to take task to the work of ensuring that the surviving townspeople are reunited with their loved ones; hopefully staving off the chaos of everyone trying to find each other on their own.

The third call is for the healers and sensors that were previously working in the quarantine area. They are asked to do the following...
1.) Establish posts for themselves at each of the 3 militia camps and work in cooperation with the militia to screen anyone entering and anyone already inside the town for the creatures.
2.) Establish a post at the center of town for re-checking those who pass by.
3.) To organize themselves into shifts so those who need rest the most can do so immediately and begin rotating shifts as soon as everyone is able.

The final call is for adventurers (PCS) who are asked to assist in the following ways:
1.) Organize in GROUPS to begin searching the outlying areas for survivors from the town. Each group needs to have someone able to detect the work creatures as well as a number of others to guard that person as they look for missing townspeople.
2.) Assist the militia and clerics of the town in protect against a new incursion.
3.) Provide the commoners and militia with assistance in any way that is reasonable and needful.
4.) Find the bodies of the Town Councilmen/Elders and Mayor Glamerie.

Lastly notice is posted at the Crossroads that any banned individuals wishing to assist the township can do so by scouting the surrounding lands and giving written reports to the militia at each of the town's entrances in addition to helping groups of survivors from the town find their way back to the checkpoints.

Bryanna herself works where is needed, providing assistance to all three groups and keeping herself as available as possible until someone arrives to either take over in Shadowdale for her or return to Myth Drannor in her behalf and begin organizing the return of the refugees from the City of Song. If anyone questions why she's barking orders she simply states that with the Mayor dead she has taken charge of the town for now. If anyone questions her actions with the militia she simply states she was granted the authority to do so by Commander Taeron.

The three chokepoints she seeks to establish...

Position One:

Position Two:
Position 3:

ADM_Specters wrote:
SD ADMs wrote:
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Players who want to lead nee to gather PC support as the NPCs of Shadowdael are either running away from the plague or walking around in shock due to current events. (Seeing an evil worm like creature come out of Pa and take over the family dog has that effect on people after all.)
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Bryannas Orders
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