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 Explosion at the twisted tower.

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PostSubject: Explosion at the twisted tower.   Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:22 am

A large group of adventures were gathered at the Eastern gat of Shadowdale chacking people being lead out of town from the feild Hospital. When groups were gathered they were escorted to Myth Drannor. Sometime after a group had left a few howls were heard by the adventurers. They stopped talking as they listened to the single mournful howl. Shortly after they began to hear many more yelping and barks. A man inside the town cried out in surprise. Then the pack of dogs rushed the gate.

They charged those standing there and tore into them. The battle that soon transpired seemd strange as the dogs targeted spellcasters first, and bit area's where armor was weakest. Close to 30 or more dogs were part of this mad pack. However they were no match for the aventurers and soon lay dead at thier feet. As they prepared to cast dismissal many of the dogs rose from the dead and attacked again!

Severing legs and buying time for the spell casters some who had wands and rods of dismissal fired spell after spell. Soon the dogs where down and truely dead thier bodies littering the ground infront of the gate. The group stood around looking at the carnage...was it over? A slight tremble of the ground gave rise to new fears. A small heard of cattle (about 15 head) now charged the weary warriors from behind the church. Many stepted to the side but the cattle seemed intent on them rather then freedom. The men and women made quick work of them and banishe the creatures with in.

Whispers of a diversion started to be spoken. They seemed to throw themselves at the guards with no thought of escape. What could have been the point of this mindless slaughter?

Mylanis in Dragon form noticed movement to the south. There she discovered the missing mitilia. Over 100 armed men taken over by these far realms worms. They used the istraction as a chance to gather and form up. They looked at the Dragon and aventures with dead eyes and seemedd intent on wiping them out. Soon a battle broke out between the two groups. Many adventures fell but were not killed as the creatures wanted new more powerful hosts. The first wave defeate the adventurers and creatures both reformed ranks and prepared for a final rush at each other. The Defenders cast dismissals as fast as possible, but thier stores of the spells were runing dangerously low. A few of the dead raised back up to rejoin the attacking group.

The final battle was joined the defenders working together, spells of destruction hit the creatures while warriors fought deadly duels. Again the creatures left people living as they neeed fresh meat for thier plans. However the day went to the Defenders and each creature was soon banished with the hosts dead on the ground. A few tried to raise the fallen but the souls had long departed and id not return. A funneral pyre was soon crreated and men, ogs and cattle were burnt together watched for a time by the defenders. a full third of the Shdaowdale Militia was lost this day.

Not long after Commander Taeron came to the site a angry exprssion on his face. Good men an women's lives were ended too soon by these creatures. After secret talks with the Arch-mage Blue and talks to Bryanna and others it was decided to attempt to use the Magical device in the Twisted Tower. If it worked they might be able to cleanse the town in one massive sweep instead of going door to door. Eager to avoid more tragities like this one the group gathered and headed to the twisted tower. A single guard waited outside the doors of the tower.

He was quickly identified as possessed and cleansed of the extraplanar creature. He warned them that three priests of Chauntea had a rod of meteor swarm and were intent on the device. The group of aventures rushed to the device in haste. After a brief battle with the three dead priests they secured the device. Arch Mage Blue stepped forward and gingerly placed a wand of Dismissal in the tube and produced the key that was secretly spirited away from the tower. With Taeron looking on he activated the device. It absorbed charge after charge of the wand humming with power. The control rods around it glowed with contained power. All seemed to be working correctly..until one of the control rods cracked. Soon another did and the device begane to vibrate, magical energy began to seep out. It was to late to stop it and the effects of when the device fired would likely be bad for any close by. Nothing to do but run for it!

As the group ran for the door the tower began to shake, stone blocks fell from the celing and floors opened up. Gnomish construction would not stand up to the type of energy the machine was giving off. The rythmatic hum had becomer erratic as the group made for the door. As they left the tower they could see blue light bleed through the tower walls as the device finished builiding up. When it release it's massive Dismiss wave the device detonated and took out the twisted tower. Those close enough witnesse part of the tower vaperize and the whole of it collapse in on it's self.

The wave swept across town doing no harm to those free of the creatures. However the hosts who carried the tentical evils fell to the ground as the creature was forced back to it's home realm. Many people in town laid and cried tears of joy that the nightmare was finally over. A few folk did not raise back up and when checked they were found to be dead.

The threat of the creatures to the town maybe over but it isn't certain how far they spread or if all were dismissed. A few were known to escape into Fox ridge. Others from town are still missing. Many people still cower in thier homes due to the fear of this "plague". Many questions still remain; where did these creatures come from? How did they get here and start infecting people. Travis carried thier "leader but he was dead and they still don't know where he came from. The immediate threat maybe over but the reason behind it has yet to be discovered.
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Explosion at the twisted tower.
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