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 A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires

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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires   Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:15 pm

The Victims of the mysterious plague are piled on a burial pyre wich is set afire under the watchful eye of the deputy mayors and many heroes..

Once the flames have burned for some time the group of heroes leaves for their next goal...

Only a few remain behind to guard the gates.
As they watch for signs of Trouble they notice a fog rising from the ground and creeping toward the gates and the walls. The fog getting thicker and thicker almost obscures all Vision... it creeps closer and closer but stops at the walls of the town.

slight tremors are felt shortly after the fog reaches the walls.. the tremors shake the ground nearby serveral times before they die down again.

smoke could be seen rising out of the fog from some fires in the Woods.

When the fog slowly clears again, the burial pyre is bereft of all corpses.

Sounds of battle can be heard as a Akh´Velahr patrol is attacked by burning skeletons and hounds, commanded by spellwielding undead in Robes.

a path of destruction leads from the pyre into the forest. Burning trees mark the passage of a large number of creatures that set fire to them.

This path seems to lead all the way into the daggerhills.
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White Rose


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PostSubject: Re: A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires   Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:09 am

Elektra is pending time in the Dagger Hills Having escaped the fear of the plague ... And nearly being thrown into the Misty Falls jail by an overly suspicious and overly zealous Roman, head of House Security.
She had fled from him , and walked invisible across the sands , unable to prevent a trail of tracks, but avoiding contact as much as possible.
If she sees dust from many walking beings, or hears clattering of bones or armor, she would investigate , always invis as well as only peeking her eyes over the crest of a hill to see. She would never stand on top of a rise or in full view.
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PostSubject: Re: A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires   Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:15 am

What trees that still lived in the path of those setting fire to them were not long to be touched by burning flames. Only minutes after the departure of the desecrators, a familiar druidess doused the fires with a mere few words and proceeded to heal what scars had been made. With a bitter stare she examined the trail left in their wake, following it well into the Daggerhills should it make it that far, anticipating that more destruction and harm would be left by their movements.
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Aidan Airna


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PostSubject: Re: A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires   Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:03 am

Lhanir may or may not run into Ravossel coming back from Dagger hills, putting out any fires she may have missed, and healing what plant life needs healing.
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PostSubject: Re: A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires   Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:45 am

Syvin will follow the trail of destruction, while invisible, to it's end, feeling at least slightly responsible for it happening due to abandoning the gate guards to go watch the interesting things going on at the twisted tower.

Using his skills in lore (around 30 before roll.) he will try and deduce what sort of undead might have caused the catastrophe, and whether it was the type that is raised by a necromancer, or the rarer sort that appears spontaneously.

He will attempt to gauge the strengths of, and destroy, any horrible undead monstrosities he finds along the way while traveling the path of destruction.
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PostSubject: Re: A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires   Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:15 am

After coming back from the next goal, Kendra hears from the others that the bodies of the people lost in the battle before are now missing. Infuriated at what she is told, she goes with Aerandir and Amatria to find the rest of the group that went to search out the cause. Her goal was to bring the soldiers home to lay them to their proper rest, or at least give them a proper rest where they were found. What the large group was found was much, much worse...
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PostSubject: Re: A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires   Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:31 am

After blowing up the twisted tower and sending out the amplified dismissal spell over the city blue though visibley weakened heads home for some well deserved rest. Upon exiting town he sees the heavy fog and can see little else.. not thinking anything of it he heads through it and damn near burns his self as he realizes he is walking between fires which he quickly uses his last remaining cold spells to extinguish the three fires. when he hears the sound of battle he heads over bow drawn and see a group under attack he opens fire on them as best he can from the smoke filled section he was still in.

he joined the group to pursue the undead that had taken the fallen victims and soldiers. low on spells and abit drained he  only became more so along the way. Physicaly moving slower than many others he makes his way with the group trailing not long behind the undead through their pursuit being informed of what originaly happened. they find a wight and one of the group forces it to lead them to the undead.

Along the way many join and the fires are put out as they go they reach the dagger hills where the flames stop and they are forced to follow the burnt ground beneath them. They search for the scorch marks of the ground and follow them ever leading north trail.

When they finaly rise to the crest of a hill top to see several hundred undeads and a lich and a winged undead.. many wanted to flee but once the order was given to stay and fight they did so until the group fell apart many yelling retreat others yelling attack was not long with the yelling that they were spotted by the lich and winged undead.

they walk up and began talking which to blue seemed more like taunts he raises his bow and readies the remaining spells he has as they are preparing to fight they notice they have now been seen by many of the undead and are being headed twards..

some one calls a final time to retreat and many do so.. blue being weak as he was usual brings up the rear as he is physicaly drained by this point. the undead nip at their vary heals as the group retreats.

blue being among the last few in the back decided he cant run much more turn and eyed an undead pursuing them. he waits as the undead gets with in range and as the undead blade falls twords his head mere inches away from landing blue smiles at the undead and fires off a powerful spell as the spell fires off blue winks at the undead and takes note of the look on its face as it turns instantly into a chicken.

at that point blue turns laughing and feeling a boost of energy flow through him begins running again as the chicken is put down by a bunch of arrows..

he can be seen running and laughing and shortly after they were pursued no more he guesses it was one of the last remaining pursuing them..

he stays with the group until they reach an area he is semi familiar with before he heads home..

once home he has himself cleared for entry back into the city where he meets up with one of the defenders who was there the entire time. and they talk until the keeper shows up blue continues to sit or lay on the bench resting from ordeals he has been through this day.. they inform the keeper of the parasites being purged and the undead blue recommends the precautions stay in place that they have set incase any infected were not close to the town when the cure was released and the tower exploded.

the begin forming a plan to return to the undead later and as they talk it through blue takes his leave and goes home to rest.
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PostSubject: Re: A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires   

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A burial pyre.. some fog and forest fires
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