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 New Movement in Shadowdale

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PostSubject: New Movement in Shadowdale   Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:37 am

Several squads of militiamen drawing carts behind them begin to set up in a number of vacant fields around Shadowdale's area. The men set up archery targets and begin to prep a large number of crossbows at each location for use.

Meanwhile a number of them fan out to place up small flyers and go to residences known to house a large number of single men. Deputy Mayor Lovich joins them in their door to door journey, seeking out volunteers to participate in the arms training with the crossbows.

Volunteers arriving at the fields begin to receive coaching in how to operate and handle the weapons.

The message spoken and on the flyers can be summarized as:

Citizens of Shadowdale,

Do you tire of being victims? Of waiting for the next cretin who decides to go bump in the night to threaten your family? Do you tire of feeling unable to do anything about it? Of having to rely solely on others for protection?

Come join the militia in arms training with crossbows and help contribute to the security and defense not only of your family but all of Shadowdale. The crossbow is easy to learn, easy to use, extremely effective fired in groups, and keeps one safely away from the front lines of battle. Participants in training will receive a crossbow and quiver of quarrels upon achieving full competency with the weapons.

If you question the value of this training, picture the might of five thousand crossbow bolts flying at the enemies of Shadowdale the next time they threaten us, if only half of us participate. It is time we stand together and stand strong in the face of danger for ourselves, each other, and our families.
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New Movement in Shadowdale
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