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 Lycan and report of

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PostSubject: Lycan and report of   Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:50 pm

Elektra , accompanied by Ava , Sen'Thia and Alasha'Ur , approaches the east gate of SD , and has Ava step forward with a scroll sealed with the wax seal of Misty Falls, and hands it to a guard. Elektra speaks .
" This is from one official to another, and was requested by your Deputy Mayor Bryanna. Deliver this with haste , I bid thee, and it is for her eyes only."
Once taken by the guard, the group leave a short distance to the east and seems to be heading for the valley of flowers, light giggling from female voices , while Sen'Thia occasionally sang a bit.
The scroll reads as follows:

From : Elektra Mystria
CoFounder and Headmistress of the House of Redemption, Writer of the Articles of Law of Misty Falls, High Judicator and Grand Inquisitor of the Court of Misty Falls. To: Officials of Shadowdale , as per requested by deputy Mayor Bryanna.
Re: Events in the Orclands south of Misty Falls with a caravan and Lycans.

The event.
As evening settled in upon the House , members on our roof were gazing at the stars and telling tales and jests, when a stranger approached on the road in obvious desperation, calling for help.
I , with 7 other members responded immediately, coming dow to the man, and discovered his desperate tale.
A caravan of silver merchants was beset by wolves and orcs, the master and mistress were in danger and he begged our assistance.
We followed him into the Orclands and was attacked repeatedly by waves of various types and sizes of wolves, including dire wolves. Advancing towards the place the man led us, we came upon his Lord's wife, surrounded by wolves as well as a single Lycan.
We were more than surprised and became suspicious having seen wolves that are not indigenous to the Orclands and now a Lycan as well.
The Lycan fled our chase and eluded our best hunters.
Fearing possible dangers to our people from the threat of lycanthropy, I insisted to inspect the woman, and found no bites, nor signs of concern. She did , however say one crucial phrase to me personally, that her husband was the reason for the wolves being here, and that he could explain it all to me.
She refused to touch a silver sword held out by one of the House members.
My thoughts were to allow her to lead us to her husband and if we found Lycanthropy there, we would destroy them all.
Among our members , heads and tempers ran hot as fears of Lycanthropy spread. For this reason, there may be varied opinions and views as to what did occur that night.
The woman offered substantial gold to save her and the caravan, but I told her my concern was the safety of people, not gold.
We did escort her and her man servant, who first contacted us, named Rupert, to their camped caravan, just at the edge of the Daggerdale desert.
Headmaster Crypto took charge of our expedition there and took the diplomatic route, as others used stealth to inspect contents and people of the caravan.
Many silver goods were found of all sorts, yet no incriminating evidence. Still, not one member of the caravan was seen touching silver and when I offered to let one inspect my pure alchemical silver ingot , he would not touch it.
The Lord of the caravan spoke with Crypto, and did not offer explanation , but offered gold as reward for the rescue, which I did not take. My suspicions ran high, and gold was not at all important in the light of a Lycan risk.
In the end we departed in peace , yet our theories and suspicions are still ablaze and unresolved.
My clearest facts are, a Lycan was spotted and chased, the woman claimed her husband was why the wolves were there.
Beyond that , all is speculation.
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Lycan and report of
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