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 A priest of Tempus

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PostSubject: A priest of Tempus   Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:50 pm

Anyone who has been occupying the Old Skull Inn lately will have seen a white haired man with tan skin and many scars meeting there with what appears to be a middle aged priest of Tempus. They always meet in the late evenings and talk for several hours before parting ways. It's happened over the last four days and each time, the man with white hair walks away grumbling as if bothered by something in the priest's parting words. On this most recent evening (yesterday), after leaving the inn, the white haired man could be seen finding a quiet place nestled behind the inn where he then cut his arm and sang a quiet song to himself. (Anyone who worships Tempus or can roll a DC 25 lore check would know that this is a specific type of prayer meant to honor Tempus and ask for his favor. Any Cleric or Favored Soul of Tempus would know that the man is probably doing this prayer as a way to ask favor in order to convert to the church of Tempus)

(Anyone who has met and knows Stin knows that he is the white haired man)
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A priest of Tempus
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