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 Gathering in the Battleporium

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PostSubject: Gathering in the Battleporium   Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:09 pm

Magic lights brightened up the huge room as a hush fell. Wearing long purple robes, Elektra stands at the podium within the battleporium of the House of Redemption. Behind her, carefully drawn on the large chalkboard, are the names of the battles elves had fought

Cwm 1374 DR demonfey vs elves of Evereska led by Seiveril Miritar 1,000 dead and wounded

Weeping War 714 DR Demon Army of Darknes vs Elves of Myth Drannor. Led by Captain Fflar 2,800 elven dead, Myth Drannor sacked.

“Behold just two of the terrible trajedies that fell upon elvenkind at the brutal hands of demon and demon led hordes. Certainly the elven commanders, both Miritar and Fflar fought valiantly, and to their credit, let us always honor their names. . .
Yet. . . Thousands of elven casualties might have well been avoided . . if only. . . the high powers of the elves only had faith and trust in no more than just talented legalists.
Miritar and Fflar could have commanded far greater armies and far more powerful forces against their foes . . .oh yes. . .but look at what doomed them . . . Not their weapons. . no. . it was the prejudice, fear and hate in the minds and hearts of all the elves that obsess the very society that came under attack by the demons. .huge waves of forces of the Abyss. . . merciless murderers.
Had elves only considered another very powerful potential Ally. . .the enemy of their enemy. And had they considered the very nature of this potential ally, imagine what might have been instead of thousands of dead elvenkind.
Infernals . . . . yes. . . the enemy of the demons of the Abyss were the Infernals…. A grand powerful force who adheres to every word of contract, and will not break it . . . Yet such an alliance between elves and infernals is blasphemy . . . I say . .because the elves simply never learned to negotiate infernal contracts worth a darn ! . . . .And Why NOT? . . . prejudice. . . fear. . .hate. . intolerance. . .
I see that perhaps wiser, more shrewd elves could have contracted the enemy of the Abyss to fight and suffer the losses . . . instead of elven blood. . . .Which was shed as much by elven attitudes as any weapon of the Abyss.
WE of Misty Falls and the House of Redemption, need not suffer such fate . . . we can learn from the past and build a stronger future. We can defeat the very attitudes that defeated the elves in their times of desperation. WE, together, can tolerate our differences, keeping focus on the one goal . . .
Must we agree on all things? No.
Must we conform to each other’s ways? No.
Must we stand together, so that the old ways of hate, fear and prejudice will break upon our strength like waves of the ocean upon stone ? YES !
Respect brings tolerance, and tolerance brings order to chaos . . . stand with me as I stand with you . . . my fellow Redeemed . . . see yourself anew, as I do you. See each other , not for what can divide us. But for what can create, the strongest might in the Dales !”
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Gathering in the Battleporium
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