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 A Brighter Day

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PostSubject: A Brighter Day   Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:36 am

Cleo sends word that the High Dawnlord will be coming to Shadowdale to preach to the Awakened of Lathander. He shows up right away and he preaches the sermon three times--once in the Northern Vales, where he spent all of his early days in Shadowdale helping the farmers, burying their dead, and guarding their wells; the second time by the willow tree in Shadowdale North, where he had patrolled those several months; the third time in the center of town.

After a a few hymns, then a reading from the Book of Dawn and homily on its message, Cleo smiles, his youthful face radiant in the morning light, and unfolds a letter sealed and signed by the Deputy Mayor.

Each time, he speaks with passion, joy, and the idealism of youth.

Friends, I have a letter here from Deputy Mayor Vincent. In it, he announces his planned exit from the role of Deputy Mayor and the selection of a suitable replacement. Here, he states that he wants to select his replacement "as fairly and best as possible".

And here, he tells us how that might be accomplished:

Quote :
"By the looks of it, we will be taking the position publically, announcing that I will soon be stepping into a different position in Shadowdale and Deputy Mayor will be available. We will have a time period allowing whoever is interested to send in their name into the pool of possible replacements and once that time period ends we'd release the list of names of possible replacements to the citizens of Shadowdale to see who they would want most as Deputy Mayor of their town."

This, my dear friends, is wonderful news.

Of course, the Hero of the People will be missed in the role of Deputy Mayor. You only need look around to see what his efforts have accomplished during his tenure. It is right and good that his works--and yours--are celebrated. Together, by Lathander's care and grace, you have sewn new seeds, further perfected your lives, and brought new hope to the region with your good and decent works--all in the face of threats and attacks from all around.

But we also know that each day must end for a new day to arrive. And so we now celebrate Vincent's greatest accomplishment... an open, fair, and public selection process for the post of Deputy Mayor!

This is a great new idea, but it's also an old idea--one that honors the democratic principles that were in place before the hated Zhentarim came to rule.

So many times, in history, a war hero has been swept into office after a victory, only to establish an iron rule by choosing his own successor without hearing the people.

Not so with our Vincent!

In the past, the people decided who would rule Shadowdale. So it has been. So it shall be.

Of course, they are still working out the details. But gone will be the insider manipulations and the forced rule that characterized the Zhents. The Deputy Mayor will wisely replace them with public announcements, clear qualifications, and a commitment to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest or preferential treatment. The light of truth will shine on these proceedings. They will be public. They will be just. They will be fair, as those of us who walk in Dawnlight know they should be.

So, the next time you see the Deputy Mayor or Mayor Glamerie or anyone in the Governement, thank them. Tell them you appreciate their efforts, their willingness to restore the People's Voice, and their commitment to an open process free of corruption or insider deal-making.

And, when you say your morning prayers, thank Lathander for the bright new day to come, and ask Him to guide you as you select the person who might represent we followers of Lathander as our elector in the coming vote.

May the light of the Morninglord bless and keep you in wisdom and grace, this day, and every day. Be it so.
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A Brighter Day
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