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 A scattered fight north of shadowdale

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PostSubject: A scattered fight north of shadowdale   Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:49 pm

The following takes place during the last night of Nightal 1378 and leads into the break of day.

A scattered fight takes place north of shadowdale.  Soren and Tarik stand near silverhands farm when Soren notices a large source of magic behind him, he turns to see a veiled drow, standing with their face exposed in the moons light.  Feeling a need to protect those on the outskirts of town, Soren decides to fight the drow.  Having the courage he did not have the previous time they saw one another, the drow casts a crushing hand onto Soren and he screams at Tarik, telling Tarik to go gather guards. (Which the player did)

The drow quickly flees towards the north and Soren soon after gives chase, they have another small struggle and she starts to crush the man again, he does his best while being crushed to fire arrows at the drow, though each do nothing.  (Since we aren't allowed to post for npcs, or control them.  We just assumed here that guards "would" show up to check the situation)  So, hearing something approaching in the distance, the drow mage flees into the dagger hills.  For the next half hour, Soren stands near the northern edge of town.  His armour bent inwards a bit from the magic she casted which constantly tried to crush him.

If guards did appear, Soren would explain the drow came from the woods and that enforced patrols are needed along the north outskirts of town till day.  If the guards comply, Soren is very relieved.  If not, Soren is clearly not happy but continues his watch till he is completely sure that the drow is no longer near shadowdale or its outskirts.

- - - - -

Later on, Soren stumbles into town.  With his armour still scraped and bashed, likely with some blood dried onto him.  An argument occurs as he questions the half drow Wehlrar if he was involved, soon after he accepts Wehlrars answer as the truth and does not push the half drow further, meanwhile Soren and Ashton have an argument that borders close to violence occurring but both parties instead seperate.
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PostSubject: Re: A scattered fight north of shadowdale   Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:47 am

Taeron would see to it that the guards on the borders with the forest are doubled for the night shifts and blessed with either true sight or the spell to see invisibility.
He would join the patrolling men himself growling ever so slightly.
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A scattered fight north of shadowdale
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