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 The Thayan Enclave

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PostSubject: The Thayan Enclave   Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:44 pm

While staying in Free Haven, Ignotius Vichard goes to the Thayan Enclave there in order to speak with the Red Wizard Silas, whom he had met some time ago while working there (previous DM event with Atropos). Going to the enclave, Ignotius approaches the gatekeeper (if there is one) and speaks to him using the Thayan language (which he got from his bio language token).

"I understand that I come, uninvited, to this compound but I am an old associate of Magus Silas. Let him know that I am here in Free Haven and that I seek an audience with him as soon as he is available. I have many lucrative propositions for him that I know he will wish to hear of. Let him know that Magus Vichard is asking for him."

With that he either waits for the gatekeeper to reply and depending on the response will either wait there for them to open the gates or he will return to the Dancing Homunculus.

///A forum RP thing would be fine, no need to meet in game for this.
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The Thayan Enclave
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