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 Letter to Amilla (dm Asynia)

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PostSubject: Letter to Amilla (dm Asynia)   Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:05 am

Following all what came out during the unexpected meeting with his mother, Jay would ponder about a tenday before deciding to reach her. Eventually, during an evening alone while his mate is busy in Myth Drannor, Jay would sit outside his caravan camp around the fireplace and start writing down a few lines that soon become a full letter as soon as thoughts come one after another.


Jay would erase and write again his name several times undecided which one to use, then in a outburst of frustration he would toss the paper in the fire. While it starts burning, Jay would look at it and review how much the fire itself conditioned his own existence:

  • the magical trick going wrong a few days before his 27th birthday
  • the sparks coming out his throat and saving his life from Marshall
  • the disaster occurred during the latest New Year's Eve in Lyrabar
  • the amulet retrieved on behalf of the golden dragon Shalatiuxatan
  • the explosion of the Banite temple during the battle for Shadowdale

As a final gesture of rebellion, Jay would stand up and grab the letter before it gets destroyed not to let the flames decide for him once again and, once made sure it's readable enough, he would add a simple "Lucent Jay" at the end of it and finally send it towards its planned destination in a hurry, before having another change of heart.
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Letter to Amilla (dm Asynia)
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