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 A Prayer For Guidance

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PostSubject: A Prayer For Guidance   Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:03 am

Kneeling in her cell in Krag, where she was left, she quietly sits in the dull red glow of the odd orb in the center of the room. When nobody is near, she quietly whispers a prayer to Mystra, a prayer of thanks as well as one of guidance.

"Lady of Spells, I thank you for guiding me to this, it is a dire situation, but I believe he can be redeemed. That he can see your light. Under that darkness and fear, and hatred that cakes his heart, a glimmer of kindness remains. I will try to lead him to you, to a world without Fear, a world where he lives not under the shadow of Bane. To show the world that would see him as a Monster, that there is a kind gentle man there. A creative man who would, if shown the way, could do many great things to further magic. For you and for others."

She takes a moment to breathe, she still felt pain of grievous wounds that were inflicted upon her.

"Mother of Magic, please help guide me, aid me in this though. There is so much I want to show him, but I do not know how. This is a delicate process, as delicate as the most brittle weaving of spells. One break could cause it all to collapse. I fear that such a collapse will drive him away for good. I must not fail."

Answered or not, Ahri would wait and listen, and have faith.
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A Prayer For Guidance
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