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 Touch of the Glade

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PostSubject: Touch of the Glade   Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:22 pm

Crypto and Ravossel have talked many times about how to keep the beauty and sanctity of nature in and around the construction site of the House of Redemption.  As Ravossel's council was instrumental in helping save as many trees as possible during construction, she offered to gift the House of Redemption of the grand wildflowers growing in her Glade in Harper's Hill.

It was the first time Crypto had been there when he wasn't thrashing or trying to exploit the local bugbear population and he was quite taken aback by this lovely little corner of the forest.  He helps as best he can with the gently digging up of and stowing in a wool sack a few of the flowers and their roots.  An odd wildflower or two may have accidentally gotten trampled by this slightly less than agile warrior.

After taking what flowers they can without detracting from the nature scene of the Glade, they head back to the House construction site along the river and dig little holes for the new flowers, some where there are none... others require transplanting existing fern and flower somewhere else.  Ravossel uses her druidic powers to help the roots take and the plants to be healthy and vibrant.  She tosses wild flower seeds around the site where they will take root best.  Crypto thanks her humbly and leaves her to her natural gift and goes back to bossing laborers around and getting the House built beam by beam and stone by stone.  With any luck, the standing keep will be lush with wild flowers in the coming spring.

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PostSubject: Re: Touch of the Glade   Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:50 am

Time to time Ravossel stops by to check up on the work the two have dun, to make sure every thing is growing good, and to vilest her old friends.
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Touch of the Glade
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