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 Blackhounds Open for busines

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PostSubject: Blackhounds Open for busines   Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:30 pm

Hiya, Blackhound grunt Keita Warbane is open for business and work for certain fees. Negotiation are done in person and not through other people or parties. No fake names and faces have to be fully visible.

General pricing
Collecting Horns - 100 per horn (30% discount if you provide indirect in collecting horns)

Collecting Ant Glands - 50 per gland (No discounts if you help)

Spider Mandibles - 50 per mandible (No discounts if you help)

Finding certain gems or ignots - Negotiable depending on the gems or ignot. (No discounts if you help)

Helping with a reasonable task or quest - Negotiable. (Discount if you provide help)

For Militia

Helping with a reasonable task or quest - Negotiable (No discounts if you help)

Part-time Patrol - 500 per 3 days (On top of any other task)

Sending message or delivery - Negotiable based on the importance.

I will not...
...Perform assassinations. I am not a hired killer.

...Kill perform task that is illegal or law breaking, including killing innocent people. I have morals and a conscious as well as reputation to uphold.

...Will not engage in direct situations that will cause a feud or war. Black Hounds help fight battles, not start them.

...Do any unreasonable job. If it's very weird, extremely suicidal, uncomfortable, evil, or all four then I will not do it. I will still take the first half of the payment and there are no refunds. for free. I take half-payment upfront for time lost negotiating or having time waste because of a change of conscious.

Finally, I will not take a job that would will ruin my reputation with the Black Hounds or betray any member of the Black Hounds.
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Blackhounds Open for busines
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