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 House of Redemption construction begins in "Shadowdale" along the river.

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PostSubject: House of Redemption construction begins in "Shadowdale" along the river.   Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:52 pm

Crypto and Elektra have always been very fond of this very natural and pristine stretch of river front since they met, fell in love, and began speaking of building their institute. They've heard it belongs to Shadowdale from some, to the Cormanthor from others, and to noone from just as many. The stars are aligned, the House of Redemption guild members eager, and everyone is ready to get to work... even friends who are not and don't plan to become members.

Crypto spends many an evening, looking over the plot, and drawing up plans.

Crypto then consults with his druid friend, Ravossel to inquire how best to break ground and build without disturbing nature so much. They come to many good ideas pertaining to such. Plant tree's for every one that needs to be taken, replant the ones small enough that can be, move the very stone about with rock to mud type spells and build the foundation with mud to stone... etc. Ravossel manages to not chew on his cape for the whole of their meeting.

Crypto hands over the plans to Elektra and asks her to start assembling the members on the site and clearing debris. He will be meeting them there soon after with many magic potions and scrolls in hand to transform mere humanoids into beasts of monolithic burden.

Elektra and Ambrosia just kinda stand around, lady gabbing and look pretty. Ambrosia does manage to dig up about a bucket's worth of dirt before getting bored. Crypto is late because he had some "unforeseen business" at the brothel in Freehaven. With Elektra mostly barking orders, it is indeed her and Ambrosia that break first ground even if only a bucket's worth.

Crypto smelling like cheap perfume shows up soon after Ava, and the real heavy lifting is about to commense.

Everyone gets handed a few Shape Change potions and Elektra is armed with her Eldritchy witch witchy Monolith summoning spell. In the dead of the night, massive golem like contructs can be seen and heard rumbling footsteps over this stretch of land, clearing huge dead trees and moving builders. Pushing earth around to make the foundation and gathering good wallstone from the bottom of the river nearby. Crypto, with blueprints in hand points and directs their efforts sternly. Every rock, stone, stick and lump of dirt needs to be perfectly in it's place.

First the dead tree's are cleared, small ones moved and two big one's need to be taken down offering plenty of wood stock for the flooring inside. 4 sappings are planted for each tree that needs to be felled.

Then comes the moving of earth, to flatten out the base of the foundation, preparing it for the laying of the first stones.

The giants and constructs heave loads of rocks and boulders from the river trying not to leave too bad a mark upon nature. The river has much to share and offer for this new beakon tower of tolerance and learning.

A couple of days later, Milliardo and Perum the Illmaterian come to help in the construction efforts. Perum is VERY excited to be breaking ground and moving stone in enlarged Umberhulk form. Milliardo chooses Iron Golem form via his own magic powers. Crypto keeps to firmly directing where every brick and lump of clay is to go.

Crypto will greet any passers by with warmth and proudly announce the construct of their new guild keep. He would extend hospitible invitation for them to come share ale and tales in their new tavern when it is complete and mention that they are more than welcome to seek membership into the House of Redemption and it's fine subsidiaries.

**Thanks to Elektra, Ava, Perum, Milliardo, Ravossel, Kaetta, Ambrosia, Ni'Kish, and Nocturne and everyone else involved with this Construction RP!**
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House of Redemption construction begins in "Shadowdale" along the river.
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