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 Four Paladin and crazy woman

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Four Paladin and crazy woman Empty
PostSubject: Four Paladin and crazy woman   Four Paladin and crazy woman EmptyMon Oct 21, 2013 11:20 pm

Four Paladin and crazy woman Nwn2_s18

It would seem meeting of knight turn into a dangerous situation after a woman name Neleth was anger by the words of a fellow paladin. What was said, is unknown to Cornelius, but he does know that the woman began to act irrational and cut her hand with a shard from her goblet. This unnerved the group, including Cornelius who isn't familiar with crazed types. After she dropped the shards of glass, Cornelius grabbed her hand to heal it using the divine forces blessed onto by Lathander.

A moment after the incident the woman regain sanity and walk off. Cornelius decided it was time to move on and bid farewell to his new friends, the two Helm knights: Vincent Blake-Aesph, Alania Aston, and Lanette a maiden of Sune.
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Four Paladin and crazy woman
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