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 A lesson on Defeat

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PostSubject: A lesson on Defeat   Sun Sep 29, 2013 8:32 pm

((Not really open RP, but feel free to witness it, if you're allowed on the lands. It can also be depicted as a rumor...aside from the thoughts. Razz))

On the approach to Krag, a defeated Jack is seen. He stumbles up through the snow and falls often. Slowly, and with much effort makes his way toward the Castle. His clothes are cut through, and mask is partially broken. His clothes are stained with blood, through any wounds he might've received are healed by that point.

"Damned Sir Vincent. Deceitful Paladin." he thinks to himself, and stumbles to his knees again. A patrol soldiers might offer him help, but he denies it. "I will make it, myself." He states, slowly getting to his feet.

At the last incline before the stairs up to the gates, Jack collapses again. He glances to the scene; beautiful snow falling down upon him as he rests a minute. The goblins in the distance might take a look upon him, and would advance if the patrols weren't out. "Maybe...I should just stay here." Enters his mind. But then, and with a vengeance; his voice of determination returns. "GET. UP!"

Jack awakens again to see a Swordhand or two probably looking at him. He refuses their help yet again, and stands. "WALK!" He hears himself say. And slowly moves up the road. Every step seemed to take an eternity, but still he walks. The stairs are a brutal mistress of which almost claims him twice. But he does not fall again.

He enteres Krag, looking around a moment before falling over. Once that happens, a masked recruit comes up and takes him to the Arcane Tower, where Jack will not be seen leaving for a few days, unless summoned.
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PostSubject: Re: A lesson on Defeat   Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:16 am

Seeing him collapse, he rushes ove. Picking him up, he get Jack to lean on him, taking most of Jack's weight. He walks him to the Arcane Tower, into his study and seats him at his chair. He stands close by making sure his doesn't fall.

((OOC: This teechnically happened))

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A lesson on Defeat
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