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 Event Report: Large Suns

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PostSubject: Event Report: Large Suns   Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:41 pm

22 of Eleint 1378 DR


I logged in and that is what I saw in the chat log. I missed the start of the event, so I don't have the whole picture.
Gorebash wrote:
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This suggestion of mine is mainly aimed at the player base rather then the DM's.

The idea is to increased reporting on the forum of public, semi public or area affecting events. This was due to only learning that the Skull has supposedly erupted three times whilst I have been playing as Sordoc, yet there has been no mention of Forum side.

Large Scale events would be talked about by NPC's and adventurers, rather then have it happen and the only ones in the know are the ones there, and they keep quiet over it. I'm not asking that every event be reported on the forum, just the ones that are liable to be heard by npc's or boasted about by players. Things such as monster invasions, nefarious merchants and so on. Secret events like Rebel meetings don't need to be reported.

It's just to give those of us sat round the camp fire on cold nights, something to talk about and discuss, rather then not knowing what gossip goes around town. Old Towns and settlements would have some reliance on gossip travelling about. It does seem odd that some events happen and are not reported so that those of us not on 24hrs a day don't hear of the more public events, and actually have a chance to hear the exploits of other players.
The event was of enough importance to have been seen by many people, and it would be discussed.
If anyone has more information about what happened, please post below.

Thank you!
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Event Report: Large Suns
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