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 Jarrin Is Seen Talking To The Old Skull Staff

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PostSubject: Jarrin Is Seen Talking To The Old Skull Staff   Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:56 pm

*Jarrin comes in from loitering around the bulletin board and immediately calls the boys into his office for a chat.*

Boys...seems someone is goin round this joint claimin ta be a militia or lawkeeper or somethin and extortin coin from patrons for supposed crimes. That ain't gonna happen in my joint, got it? I want you boys ta keep yer eyes and ears open for this person. You see 'em tryin ta pull another fast one on a guest here, grab 'em and lock 'em up in a storage room till you can get Mara or someone else with some authority ta take care of 'em.

Lass what was extorted said it was another lass wearin a hood and mask and tannish armor with a crossbow. You see anyone lookin like that, you watch 'em like a hawk and lemme know soon as you can. You all know the rules of the nobody comes in here with a mask on. They won't take it off, they get the boot.

*leans back in his chair with a leg over the arm of it* Dropped too much coin inta this joint ta let some masked trollop run folks off by muggin 'em. This ain't the damned Zhents runnin things now. That kinda crap ain't gonna fly with me. You boys make sure of it.

*He dismisses the guards back to their posts and sits there for a few hours just thinking. He occasionally calls out for the bar maid to bring him an ale, but otherwise stays in the office.*
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Jarrin Is Seen Talking To The Old Skull Staff
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