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 Food for the famished.

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PostSubject: Food for the famished.   Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:00 pm

Over the past few days, Theoderic Wulferth, a wanderer, survivalist and veteran hunter from the Northwest of Faerûn, has been at work in the woods surrounding Shadowdale (or, rather, whatever small bits of the woods are monster-free enough for him to hunt in safety). His job is simple: do what little he can to help feed the miserable beggars he sees loitering around.

Unable to afford giving any gold away to the poor folk, he does the next best thing (or maybe it really is a better alternative), which is hunting, in his spare time, for the folk who need it.

One day, he may manage to catch a deer, butchering it for its hide, meat and bones, able to collect enough meat to feed perhaps one man and his family, perhaps two, for a few days, with the hides being given for warmth and the bones being carved by him with little figures and decorations. Another day, he might only manage to catch a pair or so of rabbits, enough to make a meal or two for one beggar alone, the fur and bones being mostly useless. Other days, he doesn't hunt anything, at all.

The meat he delivers (when he manages to) is usually smoked, a process with which he's familiar, able to remain preserved for a much longer time than simple roasted or uncooked meat.

His efforts only go so far, however, as he's not dedicating every hour of his days to this. He's only one man, hunting every other day, not enough to either to fix the problem himself, or pose a threat to the wildlife or the forest, in case any zealous treehuggers may frown at his actions (being a hunter, he knows full well how to respect the flora and fauna). The hunter doesn't seem to be favoring some beggars over others - he just helps out whoever he bumps into first.

This hunter is no knight, no paladin or paragon of justice, he's not even prone to goodly actions like this very frequently. No, he's just a simple man, with a soft spot for poor, common folk like himself, who is trying to lend a hand. Other situations that would require such good action would likely escape his notice, but not this one, not after the sight of so many beggars struck a chord with him. Perhaps he's able to make a tiny difference, perhaps not. Either way, he's still doing it.
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PostSubject: Re: Food for the famished.   Fri Aug 23, 2013 6:40 pm

Iwean finds the results of the kills and begins asking around about them.
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Food for the famished.
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