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 Divine Fury

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PostSubject: Divine Fury   Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:21 pm

Vincent can be seen standing at the fountain per usual, speaking with Cleophus Kinn and Amaelfa Amadottir for some time about official business. After they speak, Kinn departs and it is only Amaelfa and Vincent for a very brief time before another woman approaches. She's finely dressed and holds a staff. Amaelfa quickly draws her blade to the woman but Vincent in reaction makes her lower the blade and calm before speaking to the woman. Shortly after Vincent and the woman speak, the woman can be seen handing Vincent an object, and speaking a few more short words before doing so. The Knight stares at what is in his hand before he is seen marching North, without another word to anybody.

As he marches North, completely focused on whatever it is he was told, Amaelfa runs through town to catch him. It is not long before the two disappear to the North, into Daggerhills.

Several hours pass before the two are seen back entering town, the two completely covered in blood and flesh. Vincent quietly marches through town, sometimes speaking very little to Amaelfa, typically answering questions she'd ask. Once they get to central, he doesn't speak nor stop for anyone, he simply goes straight into his house and isn't seen again for the rest of the day.

Anyone who would go to the Daggerhills would find no bodies or evidence of what Amaelfa and Vincent did, just a residual red fog that covers the area.
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Divine Fury
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