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 A shadow in shadowdale

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PostSubject: A shadow in shadowdale   Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:29 am

((I didn't see any npc guards so I assume this isn't unreasonable))

A man in battered armor, ragged cloak and head covered in tattered cloth walks stealthily out of the eastern wood. He pauses a moment where a guardtower once stood and searches the road and walls of Shadowdale. Walking casually and steadily, he moves toward the fountain in the center of town. He stops and reads the engraving only for a moment. It doesn't take long for him to appraise his exit path and dash from town. Those with the keenest of eyes could see the shadow groping at his mask, just under the protruding nose, as he vanishes back into the woods.

On the roads to the east, a few of the bandit dogs corpses lay each split in two by a single fierce cut.
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A shadow in shadowdale
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