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 Inside the Ironhouse Halls

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PostSubject: Inside the Ironhouse Halls   Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:45 am

Since yesterday, quite a bit of activity could be noted to any visitors of the Ironhouse Halls.

Blacksmiths and masons, shopkeepers and brewers were all moving bits and pieces of their professions about the hall, before it was carried off into the tunnels and seemingly vanished. Where it went, one would have to go searching, but any who asked the Dwarves what they were doing would be answered with "We're sending some things to the Dwarves." (with appropriate accents where required).

Behind the hill, where the entrance is to the Ironhouse Halls, carefully concealed in the brush was a few wagons of passable quality. To the Elves of Rimwood, Ironhouse Dwarves and anyone the Dwarves decided to let in on their project, would know of the existance of these wagons.

Whatever was going on, was up to speculation however, if one were to find Dwarves handling weapons, stone and ale an oddity that is.
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Inside the Ironhouse Halls
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