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 Is Shadowdale blessed

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PostSubject: Is Shadowdale blessed   Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:53 am

It was a dark gloomy night with gusting wind and a light rain. Tasker was making his usual rounds and taking note of who was out and who was in their homes. He comes upon a group of the adventures of the Shadowdale Heros. Right away he sees an opportunity to maybe gather some intel. He surveys the area and finds a spot he can duck into to eavesdrop on the conversation. Just as he was crossing the last bit of open area, A loud and bright crash of thunder and lightning filled the night air. Tasker takes a dive to get to cover behind the statues. AS he stops and takes stock of his situation he looks up and swears the statues are all looking at him. He shakes his and looks again seeing they are back to normal. Followed by a low rumbling from the clouds. Tasker decides to try another day and leaves wondering. "Is Shadowdale blessed?"
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Is Shadowdale blessed
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