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 New Apartments to buy

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PostSubject: New Apartments to buy   Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:25 am

Morrigan Lilly is seen advertising five large and luxurious apartments to be sold within the upcoming Temple to the Goddesses of Love and Beauty.

Applicants must abide to the rules of the Temple which will include but is not limited to.

  • Respect neutrality for all who wish to pay homage to the goddesses.
  • Absolutely no violence tolerated within the Temple's premises.
  • Theft or vandalism will be punished.

Applicants must also abide to the principles of one of the goddess though they need not be devout followers. Respecting the Goddess and showing interest in either beauty in one form or another or love is enough to qualify.

Penthouse I    (Bel and Morrigan)*paid in full*
Penthouse II   (Aerendir)*missing token for completion*
Penthouse III  (                      )
Penthouse IV  (                      )
Penthouse V   (                      )

((A fee of one Epic Token and 200000 Gold is Requested to Buy))
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New Apartments to buy
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