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 dwarves head home

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PostSubject: dwarves head home   Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:31 am

In the early pre-dawn hours Valtore calls the dwarves Elder Grendal left under his command. Speaking in a lower voice in dwarven he tells them they have been asked to return to the Halls. There is talk of Zhents moving against the Hall, and Drow moving on Rimwood. The Humans would have to stand on their own, they had to look to their home now.

As they move out they try to stick to cover and move quickly always watching for the crows of Zabarra.
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PostSubject: Dwarves head home   Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:56 pm

As Grendel would agree that most of the Dwarves are needed home, he sends em all to the Halls. Unknown to Valtore he also gives orders to 30 Dwarven warriors. He tends to leave in Shadowdale 20 Dwarven Defenders and 10 Crossbow archers:

"As we have fullfilled our vow, the bulk of us must return home, your job is to show them that Ironhouse is still present. It will be mainly guard duties and in the worst case to help defend Shadowdale until we can send reeinforcements. I do not want the people of Shadowdale to feel abandoned just yet."

"Also, Im allowing Glarin to join the mages guild. I know he is gonna love that. *grins* So you guys have our enchanter by your side, take good care o him and make sure he is safe."

"You may also spread word that we are preparing a major delivery o stone and other building materials. Just dont tell em when and how many. I dont want an Zhent attack on our waggons."

"As often as I can I will return to look after you. . . Oh and bring some Ale o course"

With those words spoken he leaves the remaing Ironhouse dwarves and hurries home to check the defences.

//OOC:This mainly a reply to Jalmynars Post. Everthing further on will happen ingame and perhaps reported here later.
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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:10 pm

Word would spread through the Ironhouse guards in Shadowdale, that they are pulling home in 2 days on political orders.

Targlan write three copies of the same letter, one for Glamerie, one for Mara and one for the bulletin board:

Targlan wrote:
Dear people of Shadowdale

We in Ironhouse have fought since our very reuniting to liberate Shadowdale from its opressors, the Zhentarim. Now that war over Shadowdale has been won, one of our major spies who help Ironhouse with vital information during the war, has served the right to become an honoured citizen of Ironhouse.
Despite this shadowdale has declared that Aerandir is not trusted enough to be allowed entrance to the town. A man who risked his life to help the farmers get rid of the banites is not welcome for the sole reason that he still enjoys the company of a single Zhent.

We as Ironhouse trust him not to leak any information just like we did not leak any information when meeting with the enemy during the times of war.

The Elder counsil of Ironhouse has decided he is to be trusted and he is one of ours. The word of Shadowdale that Aerandir is not to be trusted, does mean that the word of the elder counsil cannot be trusted and without trust we see no reason to continue a fake friendship.

By two days all Ironhouse troops will be withdrawn from town and Ironhouse will not set foot in town unless most neccesary.

By the end I would like to say to the people of Sahdowdale that Im sorry whatever pain it may cause you. the unfinished walls and less guards in the streets is not what the Ironhouse wants for Shadowdale which we gave our souls to liberate. But as soon as the leaders of your town acknowledge the word of our elder counsil or finds other solutions which respects the tradition of dwarves, we will not be able to assist you further.
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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:53 pm

This is sad, I have a long relationship with the Ironhouses since the days of Thane Crudak, helped them many times and was there with them in the fight against the Black Dragon to regain their Hall. I had hope they would be here to help rebuild the House of Plenty.

*The High Harvestmistress departs wagging her head and whispering a prayer*
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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:42 pm

Glamerie shakes her head and sighs after reading the notice. "I'm sure Aerandir has done much to aid the Ironhouse, but that he still chooses to associate with the enemy, specifically one known for burning our people and feeding them to orcs, is a cause for concern. We can not simply forgive the Zhents for what they have done, nor can we be expected to think kindly upon those who chose to call any of them friend."

"We by no means wish to state that we do not trust the word of the dwarves, but at the same time, how can we honestly be expected to trust when it is clear the protection of your own operative is less of a concern than your pride?  To call his name publically will only ensure that it becomes known even by the Zhents that he was a spy.  Where then, can he now find protection?"

"No, if the dwarves are going to pull their forces over this perceived slight, then we will simply find other means of protecting ourselves.  After so many years of tyranny, we will not allow ourselves to be told what to think and whom to trust with such strong armed tactics."
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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:02 am

The one copy of the parchment which was posted at the bulletin board vanishes during the following night. For some odd reason, noone seems to have witnessed the removal.
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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:07 am

After a meeting with Vincent, Arjay was seen putting another notice up.  

The same notice was delivered to Targlan, and a copy was circulated among the council.

Quote :
On review of the testimony given by Targlan, Thane of the Ironhouse Clan, it has been accepted that the elf Aerandir was acting as a spy for the Ironhouse Clan prior to the liberation of Shadowdale.

With the dismissal of the charges of espionage on behalf of the Zhentarim, it is therefore necessary to review the charges of consorting with an enemy of Shadowdale without the bias given by the former espionage charges.  A new hearing will therefore need to be held, at which a representative of Clan Ironhouse empowered to speak for the clan is requested to be in attendance.

All sentences are suspended until a new hearing may be held, out of respect for our allies in Clan Ironhouse.  In light of the charges, however, we politely request that while in Shadowdale, he be accompanied by a party willing to take responsibility for him.

Arjay Lo'Ran
Acting Diplomatic Adviser
17 Eleasias, Year of the Cauldron
Another notice would be added beneath the one on the Shadowdale board.
Quote :
Any citizens or friends of Shadowdale who wish to present evidence or give signed statements regarding the elf Aerandir, the Zhent Silphie, and his relationship with her or other members of the Zhentarim, are asked to speak with the Sheriff or her deputies.
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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:14 am

Tohrm upon reading the new proclamation would shake his head slowly and quickly make his own letter and send it to the Sheriff.

I have information regarding Aerandir as well as eye witness accounts from members of Shadowdales own mages of the conflict. He is not to be trusted within Shadowdales grounds regardless of his intent to feed information to the Ironhouse.
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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:17 pm

Goldie walks up to the board looking like a woman anew in comparison to the shaky weak albeit still rather exotic looking person she has been in the last week "Hasn't helped his case as I leave him, he runs back to her" she shakes her head rather sadly in a rehearsed manner as Aerandir's former lover wiggles her hips to some unheard of music, taking up one of her favorite past time and reading other memo's on the board once again.
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PostSubject: New Orders of the Day   Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:30 pm

After recieving Arjays note Grendel smiles "Not yet a Thane Targlan is, not till the clan decides."

"But it does change everything." he turns to the next meassenger en route to Shadowdale: "Oi, Lad I have orders for ye and the lads in town."

"First of all, we accept. Meaning all Dwarves remain at their stations untill further notice."

"As for Aerandir, we are the party that will take responsibilty for his actions. And we will do so right in Shadowdale. Every Ironhouse on duty in Shadowdale, keep an eye on Aerandir, keep him outta trouble. stay by his side. If necessary guide him outta town. By no means go against Shadowdale Law, follow the orders o the local Commander as usual."

"We take care of our own." he exclaims. "of ye go lad and hurry" as the Dwarf rushes of . . .

To the dwarves in the Halls he would shout: "Aight Boys the caravan to Shadowdale is on again, start preparing."
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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:38 pm

Targlan and Grendel would return to town with their dwarven comrades.

Counsins, remember to split out on all hours of the day. Also makes sure to bring your fellow guards a taste of your ale. Even though you might hear different words or orders from each of the leaders of this society, I want you to be the best of inspiration to the citizens of Shadowdale. I know not all of them knows what pride and honour is, and some of them might mistake the intentions of our actions, when one upholds an oath.

Ironhouse operations, as Fohgar oathbound our clan, was to free this town from Zhents and which succeeded because we all stood together, bearded, elves and all other goodfolks alike. While other races may forget years of alliance to a cause, and while they may not value the word of an ally as strongly as we - we are not goign to abandon them as long they respect our traditions and alliance.

*lowering his voice slightly*
Should any people of shadowdale not respect you to the high standards of dwarven manners, then you will bring such to me directly. You have to remember that not long ago this town was overrun by the lowest of standards and the only way we can make a proper town of this place is by stating the finest of samples and the people here be inspired.
Do not expect even a :"thank you for building our wall" or the likes, for such words have not been spoken very often lately in this town. Be patient with these people my good clanmates for the Mordingsammen will be proud to see us continue the assistance to the dales, far beyond what is reasonable for a Clan who only thinks of themselves and their wealth.

Lastly there seems to be a misunderstandign amongst the citizens that we were the ones tellign the Zhents about Aerendirs true job. Be not in doubt that the Zhents already knew this before we made it public. Reason we made his work publicly know is the obvious that he needs to be forgiven, so we can move on.... else he would have no where but to Ironhouse and stay.

Be proud clansmen!

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PostSubject: Re: dwarves head home   

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dwarves head home
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