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 Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale

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PostSubject: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:27 pm

Since Shadowdale had been freed from the Zhentarim's grip and the people began to rebuild their devastated and barren town, a number of different groups about the town spoke of what they thought about the new state of affairs. Their conversations were often similar to eachother in any particular one group. Anyone who spoke to the groups, frequented where they went or even stood about town listening in would hear a variety of opinions from these people.

Around the reconstruction of some of the houses about town, the streets and the fields which did not have anything to grow yet, the farmers of Shadowdale all seemed somewhat peaceful in a way. Each seemed to have a new spring to their step, an optimistic expression and generally a content air about them. With the liberation came freedom, something they hadn't tasted in years.
However, as all villagers do, the farmers spoke to their neighbours and friends about the town itself, now it was out of Zhentarim hands. Many seemed overjoyed to be able to speak freely and go where they wanted without fear of oppression. Though notably they also spoke about the newcomers to Shadowdale, some of the liberators they spoke of by their first name, others only by appearance, but all wondered who was going to stay and who would leave them at peace.
A few farmers seemed somewhat concerned about the current food situation still, whilst the Zhentarim weren't taking it from them now, the land was still barren and they would have to grow enough soon to feed the people that were left. Others hoped they would be reunited with their families that left for Myth Drannor to the Morning Farms. More still spoke of how the liberators were so fast in their decision to rebuild the town, abolish the Zhentarims laws and form some sort of council, though some joked dryly about how they "thought we were the ones who chose the leaders". Notably they remarked that for a village they were getting a cities worth of attention.

Seeming more than torn in their expressions about the liberated Shadowdale, the refugees that had returned and fought in the battle seemed mixed in their feelings. Some went to their old homes and found them burnt down, destroyed or if lucky, still standing. Others met with their relatives or families that remained in town and stayed with them. However one thing was for certain that some of the refugees wanted to return to Myth Drannor, their reasons for such varied from wanting to forget what happened in Shadowdale to simply having found a new home in the Lathander settlement. All of them for now though, got to what Dalesfolk did best, tending to the slowly healing land of Shadowdale under the guidance of the Chaunteans and trying to make do with what they could in the ruins.

The pair of merchants in the general store weren't as relieved as some may have thought, though they seemed happy not to be overshadowed by the Zhentarim, the stocks in their stores seemed bare. Whilst they had to shake their heads at many requests from the local people for some basic goods, and charge somewhat highly for others, they assured everyone that stocks would come in soon once the other Dales opened up trade with the liberated Shadowdale. One buyer even said to the owner "despite the prices, least we could actually buy something with the Zhents around". Though from the general impression from the merchants about town (which there were fewer of than before) they expected things to get better from here once the people 'sort themselves out'.

With the Chauntean temple still being rebuilt after one of the Zhentarim golems had collapsed on top of it, Glamerie spent most of her time with the local people of Shadowdale, assuring them that Chauntea's hand has returned to the fields of the town. With the other remaining Chaunteans of the rebellion, she seemed busy at trying to restore the dust bowl that had become of the villages crop land. Despite this, she seemed to take everything that happened in an almost jovial manner, she was clearly pleased to be back with her friends in her home. Though when speaking to the people, she often said how she thought the rebellion were taking things 'far too quickly' and that 'we're only just farmers after all'. Not that she seemed annoyed or irritated by such, but more concerned about the speed of which progress was being done at getting the town orderly again.

Noticably within the still standing parts of the Old Skull inn, the surviving Cormyrians made their home. Though they often talked about going home to their own families and towns, it seemed they were going to stay put in Shadowdale whilst some of their men recovered from battle wounds. A few grumbles came from them about the lack of good food and lodgings, to which the owner appologized for many a time, assuring them the Old Skull used to be a fine establishment way back when. They seemed friendly enough though, getting to know some of the locals and helping out moving things around town when they got bored of sitting around playing dice or cards in the inn. Although, some spoke rather openly about how they thought the rebellion should just leave the farmers to it, saying that back in Cormyr, if goblins burnt a village down they wouldn't take over even after driving the bastards out. Talk of 'councils' and 'guards' often got one of them to laugh in a harmless enough fashion, it seems they thought the liberators were taking things a bit too far than what was necessary.

A few yellow garbed figures wandered about town still, smiling into the sunlight as they worked at fixing up the houses and roads. The Lathanderites that had come seemed more than happy to help out, often reciting the phrase "this is a new dawn for Shadowdale, and we shall make certain it is not extinguished". Though many express the feeling that they will return to defend their new homes in Myth Drannor, it seems for now that they wish to get Shadowdale onto its feet first before leaving the farmers to their own devices.

Noticably a few more Dwarves than usual milled about the remains of town, working with the forges in the general store to smelt down salvaged armor and weapons to make more useful things for the farmers. The Ironhousers that were left behind seemed rather gruff when talking to others, being short and to the point, mostly just getting on with their own business. At the end of the day they just seemed to want to go back to their Halls, not that they didn't like the town, but they just didn't seem to fit in there very much.

Out of everything that everyone was talking about though, the one thing that stood out the most for now was, the Zhentarim were gone. And for what many believed to be, for good.

((On an OOC note, feel free as players of the factions to add in what your character would be gossiping about. Or, if you feel like something should be added to any of these little passages, send a PM to staff about it Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:10 pm

Shortly after the battle Valtore was helping out the citizans of town with bandages and locating those lost during the battle. He assured them they were free and that the Ironhouse were only there to help.

Within a day or so the dwarves that stayed were busy building the wall. Valtore was often there encouraging his cousins to build the wall right, "tha sooner this is done, tha sooner we can return home!"

While directing the reconstruction he makes sure to tell the citizens that they need to get a move on and pick a leader so they can govern themselves. "Tis your home pick ye leader and get on with it. I hope ye are not expectin Julia and tha rest ta lead ye. We have other evils ta fight out there. We are here ta help not make Laws and run yur town. Me lads want ta get home ta their wives and ale!"

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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:15 pm

blue after his tasks was done or when taken breaks would meet the farmers under his blue mage name often answering questions talking freely with them and often helping where needed tired or not he seemed a happy fellow..

some farmers would recognise him and appologise for running him out on say so of zhents and many would offer condolences to him on his wifes death some knew her and loved her for the always light hearted witty helpful woman she was as she was from their town many would miss her..

they would ask or thank him for his relenquishing any lands he held before being run out some would ask why he would simply say my home is now else where.. many would take this as myth drannor..

he would ease there concerns about the speed at which things was getting done byt saying simply this is how things are done they never got to see it due to zhents and add that the faster it was done the more protection they would have and time to learn to use such defences and they could start deciding on leaders they would like to have and start narrowing it down or even hold election for multiple leaders people would like to see..

as for the lands he would say the chaunteans are working on that he had donated seeds to get them all started back and as promised he would be leaving once his time with the mages was over..

always with a smile on his face lately he almost seemed to glow at times even old friends not used to seeing this..

he assured them they could open trade with myth drannor and get things they needed should they wish as well as ally with them once they were situated and established leaders and such..

but wether they did or not was up to them but he would no and then come back to check up on them see how things were going but never for long unless requested by leaders or such..

he may have been a busy elven mage but always made time for the towns folk.. often making donations of what was picked up in travels or adventures to them..

any he found with magical talent he would test and train as well he would often have supplie he has hoarded over the years delivered to the stores to fill shelves some donated tofarmers them selves..

some no one had any ideas on what it was or how to use it.. he even had a fire fighting aparatus built and delivered that even non magical users could use to dowse flames with water pumped thru a hose from barrels on wagons with use of hand pumps..

some times he could be seen at the spot his wife was killed as if revisiting it but oddly enough at piece with it now..

he had done what he vowed to do upon her death and free their once home from tyranny of the zhents..

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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:39 am

*Julia every day walks among the people, talks with them, makes her daily rounds, gives blessings, meets people in the temporary "City Hall" in the second floor of the Inn, deliberates with the temporary Council and makes sure everything is running fine*

Don't worry fellow citizens, we're all working hard, the City is been reconstructed, as soon as possible we all, people of Shadowdale, will elect a Ruler of our choice among one of our countrymen, and our lives will be back to normal.
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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:03 am

The second day after the battle (and after), on his return, Arjay began making his way through the town, getting to know the farmers and other common folk.  He wouldn't impose his company, and didn't seem suited to help with hard labor (those who asked enough into it, he'd just say that it was a heart condition that had developed), but seemed knowledgeable enough for conversation on a variety of subjects to ingratiate himself with the population, and seemed an able assistant for any repair work or random tasks, which he seemed eager enough to offer to do.  To any speculating on who would stay and who would leave, he'd simply say that a quiet life suited him these days.

He went about this way, working to raise the spirits of the townsfolk and hopefully manage to glean the opinion of the village on what they thought needed doing, so that such opinions could make it to Vincent and the other interested parties.

And oddly, if the farmers should express any wish for rain or for lack of it, some might hear singing in the night, followed by their ideal conditions the following day or days.

((DMs: Per Control Weather, accessible to Stormsingers))
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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:54 am

*Doing her daily round Julia finds Arjay and speaks with him*

Hello Arjay, How are you doing?

News from the Coronal? How is she?

I think you misunderstood what I said to you before, We hope you stay HERE in Shadowdale helping us build lines of communications, hiring people to act as messengers, making sure the roads are clean so we can contact our allies.

Please ask Vincent to provide you horses for your men, material and gold to build outposts for your messengers to rest and have fresh horses. I hope you could work close to him.

We need this service up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:45 pm

When Celovar is finally done fighting off the drow, he makes his way to Shadowdale with some form of tool belt. He begins looking around the area at the destroyed buildings and such before looking around for the one in charge of rebuilding the homes and such that have been destroyed in the battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:08 pm

After commanding the forces attacking Shadowdale, Vincent spends his time now as a Master of Treasures. It's clear he's not terribly happy with the position, but gets the job done as needed. When he's not keeping records of funds and materials being donated he'd be off around town, helping any farmers he could, cleaning up what is left of the battle, making repairs to anything he found fit to help with and making sure no threats are around the surrounding areas of Shadowdale.
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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:47 pm

A few days after the ordeal, Emrys finds himself meandering into the recently liberated city of Shadowdale, attempting to sate his extensive curiosity of the ordeal and its aftermath. He casually observes the reconstruction efforts throughout the city, ensuring not to impede any of the workers and only engaging in light-hearted small-talk with those not busying themselves at the present. He eventually meanders his way to the Old Skull Inn, sitting himself down at the bar while offering a small, jesting grin.

"A glass of Moonshaean whiskey, if you'd be so kind, mate... and I trust the price'll be dropping soon enough now that the Zhents aren't around to tax you right outta your bloody arse."

As he awaits his drink, Emrys can't help but eavesdrop on part of the Cormyrians' discussions regarding the post-battle involvement of the liberators in Shadowdale.

"Well, that's just the way of things, I s'pose," he interjects, pausing a moment as he takes a quick swig of his whiskey. "Blokes are often trying to get their fingers in as much of the pie as they can... for good or ill. Personally I'm with you lot, let the citizens here do as they bloody well see fit and leave well enough alone."
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PostSubject: Re: Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale   

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Hearsay in the broken town of Shadowdale
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