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 The 'rescuing' of the children from Shadowdale from the Zhentarim.

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PostSubject: The 'rescuing' of the children from Shadowdale from the Zhentarim.   Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:00 am

So basically, I'll outline what happened at the event so everyone can agree upon the course of how things went. HOWEVER! Remember your char won't know all of this unless they happened to be in every place at once, and I doubt we have any omniscient chars around so please RP knowing only what your char knows. Cheers.

First off, the Zhents prepared three caravans in SD, two of which were guarded by Zhent 'notables', or PCs, and one which was guarded solely by NPC Zhents. The PC led ones would be in a sort of 'disguise', with the soldiers dressed up as 'farmers' and taking two more inconspicuous routes to Castle Krag, namely down the North Ride and Shadowdale Plains. The caravan purely made of NPCs was going to be a decoy, heading through Shadowdale Woods towards Krag.

After the caravans had all started going their separate ways, the Rebels had just about managed to get themselves together and decide on what they were going to do. Piak followed the caravan heading down the Shadowdale Plains (I believe...) for some distance before retreating to the group and warning them. The other Rebels I assume went straight to the Approach to Krag and set up a little campsite and sung Kumbaya till the Zhents showed up.

During this, the caravan heading down the North Ride got to the Beastman field area, at which they attracted the attention of some of the local Beastmen, who proceeded to get mashed by the Zhents guarding this caravan, unfortunately, a stray Ice Storm spell obliterated the children. This caravan decided to pull back to the town rather than continue, heading through the Shadowdale Woods.
Meanwhile, the caravan which was heading through the woods got stuck at the small yet really really deep stream... Until Azzelas stepped in and used his massive muscles to literally haul the cart over singlehandedly.
The last caravan heading over the Plains had little interruption, apart from some overzealous Zhent NPCs attacking Bandit Dogs and Orcs.

Fidheliss, Songbird and the caravan which was attacked by Beastmen bumped into the decoy group, they then stopped, informed them of what happened, then loaded the dead/badly injured children into the decoy wagon, before taking it back into Shadowdale. The Zhentarim 'farmers' and Swordhands joined up with Azzelas and a few others, before making post haste to the pass leading to Krag, to aid the final caravan had it got there yet.
Thankfully they caught up, only to be confronted by the nearby living roadblock made of filthy scum... I mean Rebels. Audrey's caravan with the other children had got to the Approach to Krag, along with the rest of the Zhent players and NPCs. After a slight staredown, the plan was in place. No idea what the Rebels decided to do but the Zhents thought they'd soften them up with the Swordhands, Bane willing, they gave it a good go. And they got stood all over. Sometime admist all the Swordhand mashing, Zhents and Rebels peeled off and began having short yet brutal duels and scraps about the approach, to which the Rebels were victorious over the Zhentarim.

After the skirmish, Krag's watch had realised after all the colourful spells went off that the caravan that was planned to arrive had been attacked, though whilst loading their new fangled trebuchets to try and squash something at that range, they realised they might just crush the commander, or some other high ranking Zhent, so they didn't.
One minor catastrophe during the skirmish had occured, which involved a fireball and the wagon full of children. However the wagon was made immune to fire, the children inside weren't, and three had been burnt to a crisp. The others were scorched but overall still breathing, the Rebels gave them some fancy healing spells before standing around talking about what to do next.
Whilst this happened, a rescue force of some of Krags finest was on its way down, unfortunately the Rebels didn't hear their approach, before they were pretty much on top of them. After some extremely buggy faction stuff, a mock battle further up the Approach was skillfully reconstructed for the Rebels who didn't immediately run away. During such, two Rebels fell, and one was captured. The rest made it away safely with six of the children and Audrey.

The aftermath of this skirmish is as follows.
- Six children saved by the Rebels, the three that had died were Ressurected by Julia at the Rimwood camp.
- Six children arrived at Shadowdale again, which will most likely be in the care of the other Unterminox's.
- Audrey captured by the Rebels and held at Myth Drannor.
- Cerulia captured by the Zhentarim and held at Castle Krag.

Note: If I missed anything, feel free to add a snippet under this or send me a PM to edit bits. Ta.
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PostSubject: Re: The 'rescuing' of the children from Shadowdale from the Zhentarim.   Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:36 am

Niobara the Zhent set fire to the wagon before she fell in the battle, not the Rebels with some haphazard magic.

Also the Rebels summoned two massive water elementals to try put out the fire on the wagon, after having failed at putting it out with air (just made the fire worse, woops! Razz).
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The 'rescuing' of the children from Shadowdale from the Zhentarim.
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