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 Construction at the Krag

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PostSubject: Construction at the Krag   Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:44 am

Castle Krag, normally a quiet holdfast for the Zhentarim, begins to see more activity.

Fidheliss of House Unterminox, in a black suit and mask, becomes a common sight.  He's seen speaking with soldiers often, and handing money to the few merchants there.  Frequent hand gestures are made toward one rather empty corner of the castle.

Vanguard Illinicker, wearing the house sigil, arrives as well.  Where Fidheliss deals with the soldiers with polite inquiries and requests, Illinicker jokes with most, though when the laughter dies he directs them about, not shy to give direct orders where required.  

Before long, a squad of swordhands are soon watching over stacks of building supplies.
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Construction at the Krag
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