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 Letter to the Freestaves

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PostSubject: Letter to the Freestaves   Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:22 am

The is to report my actions and observations of the events of the last evening.

I am Anna Tery, affiliate of the Academy.

Last evening a glowing red light and several patches of darkness afflicted those of us at or near the campfire in Shadowdale. The affects of this on me was an intense feeling of envy, particularly toward mages. This is not my normal state as I long a go came to terms with my choice not to study magic as part of my orders offered training. At times I heard a voice, not my own, that validated my feelings of envy and pushed me to greater action.

Sadly under the effects of this compulsion I was rude and disrespectful to a Skymage. To whom I sincerely apologized to when the compulsion was broken and I was myself again.

Another man at the fire that night seemed to be under a compulsion to engage in physical relations, I managed to send him off to find a willing bar maid.

This feeling strikes me as similar to the event at the Rangers camp the evening before this one. We were effected by in turns by feelings of hunger, envy, guilt, fear, greed and finally sleep. At times it almost came to blows that evening as well. I managed to overcome these desires but the two rangers and the two other ladies present ended up in a unnatural sleep and a shared dream involving a demon or devil.

Anna Trey
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Letter to the Freestaves
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