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 scouting for the Drow

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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: scouting for the Drow   Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:54 pm

i would like to find a time that suits most of the players that were invited to this events due to their RP.

since i want to keep the party small (as befits a scouting mission), please note that only players that were invited due to their previous RP in the past events can join.

my probposal would be the coming sunday.
please give me your timezones and available times on that day.
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PostSubject: Re: scouting for the Drow   Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:21 pm

Mine is -5 CST (DST). But sunday is okay as long as its not late. My job involves driving so I have to sleep before work and that mean 10 or 11 local.
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PostSubject: Re: scouting for the Drow   Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:21 am

My timezone is GMT +1 . I should be able to be on for a few hours at a time to suit others.
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PostSubject: Re: scouting for the Drow   

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scouting for the Drow
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