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 Increasing safety arrangements in Shadowdale and Castle Krag.

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PostSubject: Increasing safety arrangements in Shadowdale and Castle Krag.   Fri May 31, 2013 5:10 am

During the last tenday the security checks in Shadowdale and Castle Krag have increased drastically. Swordhands doublecheck every wagon that enters and leaves, adventurer and citizen alike have their backpacks searched and masks and unauthorized weapons removed, no matter if they poss a mask permission or not. The Skymages are highly alerted at every time and are even less approachable then usually. They looks even in the smallest alley on thier patrols.
The tension amongst the Zhentarim is clear, the soldiers are nervous yet excited, if someome asks what is going on they shoo the person off with words like "Nothing of your concern now move on!

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Increasing safety arrangements in Shadowdale and Castle Krag.
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