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 A touch of ice

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PostSubject: A touch of ice   Thu May 09, 2013 7:11 pm

From the cursed fields around Daegon's tower, up to the mountains of Krag, a chill wind could be felt. Unrelenting and cold it blew, bringing with it the frost of the rocky lands north of it. In the mountain sides itself it was a blizzard to be reckoned with, the Frozentoe Goblins were in uproar with excitement as the bitter cold stung the rockfaces. Krag itself was mostly untouched due to the lava river, though the site of the gale below was fearsome.

From within the blizzards stood a man, flanked by a crippled old Goblin, he was tall, armored and stood solidly in the eye of the storm, seemingly uncaring for the icy touch of winter winds. Three approached the mountains that night after having been warned in Shadowdale by a Skymage who had braved the blizzard. What they found and spoke with is a tale to be told by them alone...

((On a side-note, after the three left, the area would be mostly inhospitable, with avalanches being a danger for the next IG day so this probably won't effect anyone, though it would be heard about in the region. Why the blizzard came about is up to speculation along with the odd weather for this time of year, though IG knowledge will be spread IG, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming future!))
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A touch of ice
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