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 a leter is sent to rebels with a package

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PostSubject: a leter is sent to rebels with a package   Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:32 pm

blue having help with from a new friend got some zhent uniforms and sends them in a package to the rebels with a letter

letter reads

"i looked for you all for help but could not find any one so i took a new friend with me. we gathered these for the rebels to use when needed as they once did long ago i felt it time we got a few new sets i think there is four total in here and since i did the hard part we will let you clean the blood and patch the holes in them..

i beg of you all to get your selves straightend out you made for great allies in the past and would love to see it that way again. i have aided yall many times over before tho never a truly full member of the group i non the less hate to see you all so devided and leaderless it is time to put your differences to the side a compromise with in the order is to be reached untill then this is all i can do for you.. please forgive this stance i am taking but i need you all together as one if you are to reclaim your past glory and free shadowdale this is what it takes to defeat the zhents as well as the drow.. with you all divided and there fore motionless not moving forward the zhents are winning the battle.. please take this to heart and concider my words i wish nothing more than to see you all side by side and me standing with you as i once did.. please please fix this..

my regards
blue mage
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a leter is sent to rebels with a package
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