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 Donations to the Needy

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PostSubject: Donations to the Needy   Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:25 pm

Early one morning a Dwarf ((those who know him would recognize his description as Arngeir)) would begin meandering about the outskirts of shadowdale, travelling from farm to farm, stopping at every house, beggar, fruit stand and market stall as he eventually made his way into central Shadowdale. His conversations with the citizens of Shadowdale are brief and his demeanor deliberate, hiding nothing as he gives out handfuls of gold to these people with nothing asked for in return and well wishes.

If any Zhents or Banites stop him to question him, he would politely inform them he was donating money to the needy of shadowdale.

If any of the Zhents attempt to make trouble or demand tribute and taxes, he would first point out that there are no such laws that permit them to do so. If they continue to make trouble he would pay the extorted amount out of his own pocket.

If any Zhents claim the extorted funds to be a "donation", Arngeir will tell them he will pay their "Fine" and will not use the word donation. If they press the matter he will inform them that donations must be given willingly to be called such.

If any Zhents meet the above conditions, he would immediatly write down their name, position, rank and an accurate description of them along with where he crossed them at that time in the day, or just the description and location if they refused to give name and/or rank.

By days end, The dwarf will have given out a sum of 10,000 gold to the needy of Shadowdale, more if he has to pay off extortion attempts by banites and zhents.

OOC: to any DM; if there are any aforementioned extortion attempts, please find me IC so we can discuss a reasonable amount to remove from Arngeir's inventory to cover said extortion. the 10,000 has already been removed from my inventory by a DM last night, though my terrible memory has already forgotten which one did it for me. i *think* it was Iribar...
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Donations to the Needy
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