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 Wanted Criminal Behind Bars!

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PostSubject: Wanted Criminal Behind Bars!   Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:55 am

(As written below a picture in Shadowdale's newspaper)

Finally, wanted fugitive Naldur the hin molestor has been captured by the just and righteous Zhentarim! Eye-witness accounts indicate it was our neighborhood Swordhand (NPC) as well as one of the Zhentarim's hard working mercenaries, Furin' Backbreaker who brought this fugitive closer to our Lord Bane and Tyr's righteous justice!

The former fugitive, Naldur, is currently being held in the brig awaiting questioning by authorities. It should also be noted that the accused was captured without violence or major incident. Meanwhile, (npc)Swordhand and mercenary Furin Backbreaker eagerly await the feast of stag. Furin Backbreaker is quoted to have been saying, "Bring the whores an I'll bring tha meat! Off duty o' course..."

Also, remember that here at Shadowdale Press we give you all the facts and none of the rebel b.s. propaganda! We pride ourselves on reporting the news and only the news. You won't find articles about how the Zhentarim rescued kittens from wells in this newspaper. Nor will you hear about how about how there is some knife eared wizard trying to make pigs fly. Here at Shadowdale press we give you the facts and only the facts. You decide!

Rejoice as we report to how strongly Zhentarim forces crush Rebel opposition. Read daily how bravely your sons protect your lands and families. Know that the hard working men and women of Zhentarim work just as tirelessly protecting your boarders and cleaning your streets as you do the fields. Remember that all able bodied young men and women are urged to stand up and fight for their families, their lands and their honor. Build a better tomorrow, join the Zhentarim today! See your local recruitment officer.
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PostSubject: A skymage's thoughts   Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:07 am

Hummmm he really isn't the crunchiest of the bunch... managed to get arrested and interrogated twice for the same crime... that's low. I wonder if he'll get it a third time... at least that would compensate for some of the trouble he caused to the officer
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Wanted Criminal Behind Bars!
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