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 A Wonderer wonders

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PostSubject: A Wonderer wonders   Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:25 pm

So far, Veral'si was certainly having mixed feelings about his arrival on the surface, on the one hand, it was rather peaceful in its own queer way, but yet, despite from enjoying long periods of time with just himself, there was truely little to do!

Sitting by his camp fire in the middle of no where surounded by trees and bushes, the lone Mage gazed up at the stars. "Though I look upon the stars tonight, and wonder. What's to become of me, I can not help but gaze an wonder, what do those stars mean?

Shinig in the sky at night, such a pretty sight to behold, but its the future I am wondering about, just what does my future hold?"

Smirking to himself the Drow Mage would sit up and roll his shoulders before looking around at the spot he had picked for the few hours sleep he needed, looking to fire place he would mmm softly before slowly standing.

"I surpose the time for waiting is over, and as I always say, only fools waste time by waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen. Mmmm but what to do, what to do, I surpose I could carve out a small area for myself, or maybe ill go orginise the bandits and make things interesting, or maybe Ill just retire, woo some whench and have a family and settle down..... Hahahaha just no...

Heh great, I'm talking to myself, I need to do something before I go mad. Well madder."

Licking his lips he would suddeny grin

"Oh I am a damn genious, I know what will amuse! And adventurers are so easy to find, mmmm just need to plan this out so new adventers stumble across my ploys, haha would be interesting to see how they react to differnt circemstances for sure, mmmm just need to find meself a cave for my adventures to have their little adventure ... And goblins yes and goblins"
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A Wonderer wonders
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