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 A song of warning

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White Rose


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PostSubject: A song of warning   Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:06 pm

(( This is based on a Dm plot presented to this character ))

A lovely and shapely woman sings around the campfire with a sweet voice. She sings several times a day to any who will listen.
Her smooth baby face and bleached blond hair are calm with her well experienced performance. Her voice echoed from nearby buildings.
    ( Performance skill roll ranges from 15-34 ).
If asked, she introduces herself as Sen'Thia , a song forge of the Dales.
She would add that the song is true.

 "  Beware all friends and folk
Both near and far of Dale
    A nameless Evil of ancient days
    Draws near , so hear this well.

  There came one named Joshua,
Who revealed this to me all.
He shared with me the horror that soon on us will fall.
    The lessor races , kobolds are ones I saw,
Have blackened eyes , without fear, marched to a distant call.
    Ancient Evil with no name is using lessors in wicked game
  To over take , defenses break,
And conquer one and all.
   Not Myth Drannor's Mythal , nor Shadowdale's wall,
Will stand against this onslaught 
As Evil stalks us all

   Beware all friends and folk
Both near and far of Dale
    A nameless Evil of ancient days
    Draws near , so hear this well.

With that done, she takes a humble bow.
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PostSubject: Re: A song of warning   Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:34 pm

*Crypto walks up to the fire, hearing Sen'Thia's epic song from across the way and over the chatter of the merchants and adventurer's... when she finishes he smiles nodding and claps and cheers*

"Well sung fair songmaiden!... if you wouldn't mind, perhaps I can add a chapter to your verse, aye?"

*He draws a well crafted lute from his pack and begins to strum an eerie rich progression... his eyes twinkle black as he begins to sing almost chantlike (perform 19 +roll)*

"With mine own eyes, I did see
Legions of undead, coming for thee
clad in black, banner of Orcus
what fiends would know of their foul purpose?

as in the Tybold, the hordes of vermin
wreathed in shadow, with stinging venom
scorpions, liches, skelingtons, vampires
more dark tales told round uneasy campfires

are we at the dawn of some new dark age?
read the entrails, forsooth and seek sage
not if we stand tall, and fight as one,
lest we fall us all, prey to the laughing bones"

*he smiles and dips his head to her*

"If you like that my dear you may have it to use as you like. Consider it a gift for your bravery and skill with your prose."

*He sits a while with her, sharing tales and strumming along.. waiting for others to join in with their song*
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White Rose


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PostSubject: Re: A song of warning   Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:16 pm

Her eyes twinkle as she hears him singing , clearly catching that this man has talent , but also knows something of her experience that she was trying to convey.
Sitting at the campfire, she speaks to him, as well as any others who wish to share.

"I was in the Kobold mines... You know .. Assisting the overcrowded and overly treasured subrace solve those sad issues... And I and a hunting partner had greatly helped the poor creatures by thinning out their ranks and relieving them of all that burden of gold and items... When ... Odd things began to happen... The mine was over run by spiders ! oh, it was a mess ... But soon after all those ... Came a horde of black eyed kobolds in a well coordinated attack.
We ran for our lives , when we came upon ... a... Uhm... Well... Unusual man.
He called himself Joshua, and said that he had tracked a nameless ancient evil for hundreds of years... But I would say he did not look a day over 99...
... Or .. 39...
Any ways... He spoke that the lower races were being controlled and would be used to over run all the Dales... And that I should warn them all. Then I saw him plow single handed through the horde ...
Let me tell you , a guy like that really impresses a lady ..."
She stops and realizes suddenly that she is not only way off subject , but smiling way too much.
"Sooo... Ah ... ".
She looks serious again.
"Tell me, did you see him too? Or what he warned of?"
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PostSubject: Re: A song of warning   Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:24 pm

All I know is that there are many rumors of such things and what I witnessed myself. I have already been warning others I come across in the Dales that Orcus, Demon Lord of the Undead is amassing armies to assault wheresoever his whim takes him. I heard his foul, fleshless laughter in Shadowdale... thought I saw you there, paralyzed by some hideous tentacled conjuration. Wave upon wave of undead and shadows, vermin and liches breeched Shadowdale's very gate with imputinity. The sheer number of minions that Orcus could through at this enslaught without care was quite frightening. How many more lay in wait?... Where will they strike next.

Not Three days before I was scratching gems out of the rocks of the Tybold mine and something very similar ensued to what you speak of in the Old Shadowdale Mine. A horde of giant scorpions surrounded me alone... in all directions as far as I could see. Each one as big as a stallion, I slew them until I was standing on a chest high pile of mush and carapace.

And then...

*His voice grows grim and eyes darken*

... the one's wreathed in shadow, each as large as Celestial Bear, attacked from the darkness... Six... NAY TEN! Stabbing with their barbed tails... snipping with their great pinchers... When I finally slew them all, I poked around the remains for some sign of from wence they came, but alas there was not but guts and shells that was left. On my way back through the Rimwood, I came across a group of folks who mentioned some Demon and Undead attack that had just occurred there. I cannot help but think that your ordeal and mine... and their's aren't somehow related.

Yes fair songsmith and those of you by this fire... Something truly befouled brews in these Dales. Be warned... be vigiliant... but for now...

*His demeanor warms over as he sips from a bottle of mead and passes it around, then sets his lute in his grasp to start plucking away.*

Lets have more song and merriment while we can... for truly dark times lay ahead!
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White Rose


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PostSubject: Re: A song of warning   Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:49 pm

Almost instantly, the bardess lifts to her feet ever so gracefully, and she twirls so her skirt fans out almost exposing her under form.
Her body gyrates to the rythm, bending with amazing acrobatic flexibility, while she laughs out to herself smiling.
"Yes ! . .. one and all , hear the call . . . .Every one find someone . . .love anyone . . . for the day of joy is here! Let us live it all together, and make even the worst of things very very far away . . . ".

She seems lost in her own song and dances with inner joy, her feet barely missing the coals of the fire, and her skirt fanning the heat toward the others near, just barely out of reach of the sparkling flames. . .
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PostSubject: Re: A song of warning   Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:03 pm

*Crypto lays heavy into the strings of his lute as his gaze is enamored of this spirited woman's dance. His wide smile turns a playful grin as he conjures up the spirit of song from the many ports in Vilhon Reach and bellows a sweet vocal melody over top a course seaside shanty rythm of the strings*

There once was a one legged hooker from Scornubel
Who hobbled and hip hopped but gave a 'run' like hell
the lusties from Luskan
would all come a runnin
To get beside the one leg of that Jesibel!

I once met a bar wench from Ravens Bluff
Who sure liked to dance and sway in the buff
She said she was a pauper
so I gave her 'my offer'
and didn't leave till i'd quite had enough!

There is a scrawny lass in Athkatla
Who in the sack'll put a hurt on ya
She'll pull at your hair
you'll scream as it tears
But still they go back runnin to Athkatla!

There is a fair lass up in Luskan
who prefers the company of women
all of the fellows
would croud by her windows
the last one's in line paid admission

*he bows his head dramatically over and over grinning and hamming it up*

No applause necessary, just throw money...
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PostSubject: Re: A song of warning   Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:02 am

*blushes as his comment to throw money goes on deaf ears... the chatter of crickets in the distance... Sen's enthusiasm to dance on, drives him to play with renewed vigor. His lyrical melody takes a turn for 'up a notch' *

There once was a one eyed seaman from Phlan
who had a preponderence to cure his ham
lo how the girls swoon
when he gave them his boon
and how his eye weeped when he gazed at their moon

I know a fine maiden from Tethyr
who fancies her chains and her leather
in the dungeon and night
to her masters delight
she could make even maelstrom sweet weather

Lo the exotic girls down in Anauroch
how keenly and sweetly they tend their flock
how they keep happy herd
bat of eye, a mere word
by the sands how their stables and coops do rock!

Last there's a tale of a lass from East Shaar
how she had a fine tail and what beast she whare
with hair of fine gold
from her skalp to her fold
how the titans would try to peek up under thare

*grins wide and bows over his lute* Please please... if you want to thank me, simply throw your clothes into the fire and sing along!
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PostSubject: Re: A song of warning   

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A song of warning
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