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 A rather smelly gift...

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PostSubject: A rather smelly gift...   Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:02 pm

A Zhentarim Swordhand hurried up to the barracks tonight in Shadowdale, carrying a pair of fish and vegetable filled boots. The Captain appeared, looking irritated and then shortly afterwards very annoyed at the offering. The Swordhand was sent back to their post by the watch tower east of Shadowdale, whilst the boots were burnt in the nearby campfire by another Swordhand given the unlucky task of disposing of them.
Any inquiring member of the Zhentarim would be told that the boots 'appeared out of nowhere at great speed, striking the Skymage apprentice in the face.', it would then be reported that the apprentice made chase after whatever threw the boots, though the Swordhands couldn't see what it was. Later, when the apprentice did not return, a patrol was sent out to investigate, finding a pile of melted Human only just down the road. It seems the mysterious boot hurling creature made a mess of the Skymage as well.
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A rather smelly gift...
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