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 A dance at a campfire

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PostSubject: A dance at a campfire   Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:23 pm

The evening is late, the fire crackle at the center of the small camp, providing light and warmth at the gathered around it. Is just a firecamp , a moment to rest on the road, not distant, horses and carriage rest and wait the moment to renew their efforts.
The evening sky is clear, just a light air to stir the flames, and make the light dance on the surroundings, sometime making someone features stand out crisply, sometime shadowing faces, and not far the forest seem to prepare for the incoming night, as some bird calls fade, and some other start, the sun and the moon exchanging a look before one hand the field to the other for the dominance of the sky.
Someone take a tentative note on a flute, others cease conversations and the soft gentle music raise in the air, and as on cue, a voice , gently, subtly even, emerge from the presents interwining with the gentle tones.

My heart in your hands The past in your eyes.
Smiling in your arms, Crying with the time.
The singing of the birds, From this darkness
Remember me all my sadness
Dance of the Stones
..Sing this song of the stones..down the rain in an ancient earth
The breath of the sea And the light of the moon
Take my soul To the infinite space
The song´╗┐ of the wind And the noise of this night
Go with me In this mystic dance
..Sing this song of the stones..down the rain in an ancient earth

The small figure, among the others at the fire, seem transfixed , she's too small to be an adult among the other humans, yet her figure is too mature to be a child, the slightly pointed ears and pixie-like features denote her as an halfling, the black raven hair tied into an high ponytail, the green eyes contrast with the dark honey tone of the skin.
Is so long she don't dance for others, once she was even know as dancer, once she learned from the best and she did dance in Freeheaven... once.
The music and song is sweet to her ears, her shoulders shrug slightly.. who's going to care anyway? Nobody would even know her, as a tiny smile curl her lips, and the cloak slide from her shoulders. Closing her eyes for a moment, as slowly the world around her start to fade out, and only the music, the rhythm remain and as always happened before, she feel her body move, not as much as coherent thought, but called on another, primal , level.
The clothes she dress are not ideal , she'd prefer something that leave her limbs free, but right now, she don't care about it too much.
Her feet caress the ground, as someone add a drum to the mix, and her legs follow as the rest of her body, slow rhythmic movements, as the song dictate.
Eyes follow the lithe figure, as the long ponytail flow behind the small dancer, her dance guiding her around the fire, shifting, changing, fluidly passing from a step to another, her eyes half closed, a twirl around the fire, her body in contrast with the light behind, as the song , and music, slowly fade , so the dance came to an end.
Panting slightly for the effort she open her eyes and consider the others, someone clap, for the singer, for the musicians, and apparently, for the dancer too; A smile on her lips, she nods toward the others, that created the moment with the instruments and voice and offer a little bow for the rest of the gathered.
The halfling woman return to her spot and cover herself with the cloak, a smile remain on her lips.
perhaps, perhaps she could dance again.. for others.
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A dance at a campfire
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