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 Death of the Heartwarder

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PostSubject: Death of the Heartwarder   Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:11 pm

Blistering hot acid raged through the air  as a horde of ants swarmed the hunters in the dim light of the cave.
   Almost in slow motion, the bodies of the hunters twisted and turned in all directions, as the red stinging creatures assaulted, seeking to rip the flesh from the intruders.
   The rage and vengeance that had powered Elektra from deep within, brought forth a fury of fire hot acid in a tight spray intended to take down many of the insects at once. . . But. . . Before the deadly blast of death could reach it's intended target, the form of one of the hunters moved directly into the path of the stream. . .
. . . Nothing could be done. . . It was too late! 
    The Heartwarder, Morrigan , was caught totally unawares and defenseless , as the raging death blasted her down. 
    There was so much commotion that not even Elektra realized what she had just done. . . Killed the Betrothed of Bel, who stood only a few feet away, struggling in her own fight to survive. 
    Ants instantly rushed in on the fallen woman , inflicting even more damage on her unfortunate condition, which was now hopeless. 
   Elektra , shocked to see the strong willed and valiant Heartwarder fallen and crumpled in a pile of steaming green mist, tried to throw healing upon her, but it was too little , too late... Morrigan lay dead by Elektra's hand.
   It did not take long for all the members of the group to see that Morrigan was dead . . . And what killed her.
   Bel , usually soft , reserved and quiet , broke into an emotional outburst at the sight of her dead lover, who only seconds ago stood valliantly at her side.
    The wailing of shock and horror mixed with grief echoed through the cave , and Elektra felt tremendous shame for the scene unfolding before her.
    She stood in silence as all eyes eventually turned to her.
    Bel, almost in a rage, leaped to her feet , thrusting the point of her blade to Elektra's throat.
" You killed her! WHY? Why  ? ".
   Elektra was stunned and at that moment , saw the danger that her powers, however driven from her own inner pain , was to others. With such a small effort, her inner rage had destroyed one body and two lives. 
    Bel leaned the point forward to Elektra's flesh and Elektra managed to speak through clenched teeth " Do it ! "
    Had other party members not intervened , who knows if Bel would have taken vengeance by slitting the throat of the one who felled her lover, but calmer heads prevailed, and in time, Morrigan was rezzed back into the loving arms of Bel. 
    Joyous , the two struggled to get the confused Morrigan, still dripping with remnants of acid, out of the cave.
    Elektra, deeply torn inside herself, knew that this would not likely be remembered as an accident during chaos... But be under suspicion of using the chaos as cover to commit murder. . . The relationship between her and Morrigan had been strained before this, but now.  . . The gap would be forever widened. The powers that Elektra wielded were at best tolerated by Morrigan. Now. . . How could it ever be again? 
    And what of Bel? She had been driven to the point of cold murder before witnesses. 
    Elektra shuddered , thinking of what the future might bode.
    She turned to the remaining hunters, kicked the dirt in frustration and said coldly ," let's go kill something! "
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Death of the Heartwarder
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