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 Ylia's Lament

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PostSubject: Ylia's Lament   Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:55 pm

Elektra repeated again, " Ylia, if you are ever going to speak common clearly as you say that you want to... Here is how you do it. It is just like learning the bird calls and animal sounds that you did growing up in the deep forest.
  You must listen to the exact sounds that folks make when they speak the words... Then , you imitate that exactly, and it will eventually be as natural as your Elven ... Which is surprisingly sophisticated ... seeing that you cannot read."
 Ylia stared off giving a small nod to Elektra as the sat just outside the Druid Grove for their usual lesson.
  Elektra, having taught many an illiterate in Moonshaes, recognized her student was lost elsewhere in thought.
  Leaning over into Ylia's view, Elektra asked to just let it out... Whatever it was.
   With hardly a pause , Ylia began speaking in her Elven , as if a flood gate had opened.
  In eloquent Elven , she began:
    "Alone I stand in a stranger's land
   My hopes my dreams born of forgotten place
  I learn too late , i knew not why , inside I ache , to feel the touch of loving hand...
   How came I upon
Such harsh and empty fate...
     What fool am I ? What fool I am, surrender all to eager men,
  When I awoke from this delusion , still in pain emotions chained , lost unsure in my confusion,
Raped and stripped of innocence , love so feigned and lost in vain, my heart so gripped now in a sense,
   What fool am I? What fool I am... To believe in love...
In a stranger's land."
   Elektra sat with her mouth open, until she stammered out, "if only you could speak that way in common!"
    With eye brow raised and her bare toe digging at the grass, she responded, " Kinnay do tha. "
    Elektra sighed deeply for one of her most challenging students.
    Ylia stood up and looked around the trees and up to the sunlight.
    She responded again in Elven ," the affections of people is becoming trivial to me , teacher... Father Oak has given me grand powers over the natural... And now , I am to bear the responsibility that such powers bring."
    Ylia looked back to Elektra.
   "while you tend after your love affairs ... I shall tend the land beneath your feet, the air you breathe and life that surrounds you."
    With that said, Ylia walked off into the Druids Grove, paying no attention if any one else was there, and knelt by the mighty tree , deep in prayer. . .
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Ylia's Lament
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