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 The night vision of the Shaman

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PostSubject: The night vision of the Shaman   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:26 pm

The Spirit Shaman leaned back against an oak, gazing up with heavy eyes, into the night sky... Her body relaxed as the sound of crickets lulled her away... 
  The night wind blew cool through her long brown hair, and smelled fresh and clearly of a coming storm.
Above her, the silver light of the full moon shone bright, illuminating the branches of mighty oaks waving and bending helplessly in the thrashing torrents of the wind.
  Her ears , filled with the rush of the ever growing storm, began to sense heat instead of the expected cool.
 Ylia stood in a clearing of the deep woods of her home that she had left long ago ... How had she come to this place again? 
  As her eyes squinted in the night, wiping her blowing hair from her eyes, she glimpsed something large and dark moving in the brush , in a circle around her, as if she were being stalked. All she could see was an occasional glimpse of this creature's massive claw , as it moved under the heavy brush. 
 Before she could speak the name of the god she knew it to be, the moon was darkened above, as a deep black shadow covered her.
    Gazing upwards, a massive , swirling cloud billowed over head, with streaks of lightning that lit up the night brighter than the sun. Within the black rolling heavens , she saw fire... Orange, red, yellow and white, it seemed to scorch the very air as it suddenly exploded in thunder and rained down upon the forest, raging as it came.
   She ducked to avoid the blinding inferno... Yet ... Suddenly all was quiet ... And looking back up into the sky , she saw a form , half creature half man , coming through the cloud as if a tunnel had opened... Lightning cracked beneath his feat ... In his hands, he held each of the ancient Furies ... Broken pieces of a circle ... 
   To his right , walked a woman with the spirit of the raging claw, with blood stains on the sharp talons, with lust for destruction in her eyes.
  On the left , walked another woman, delicate and beautiful, yet bore within her, fire and raging hell fire and darkness beyond what eyes can see.
   Behind them walked a horde of others, marching across the land , reaping the fruits of others , leaving the land barren.
    As she viewed the vision, she felt some thing gentle touch her shoulder. Glancing over, she beheld a great Treant, aged and yet laiden with luscious fruits , with limbs filled with birds and nests. 
    It's voice was as soft and sweet as honey as it gently whispered in her ear.
   "Walk among them , yet be not part of them. Soften their hearts and calm their resolve, less they ruin all you live for, and all that I have blessed the land ."
   Ylia stared up into the wooden face, tears coming to her eyes, then fell to her knees, placing her hands upon the ancient bark, feeling the divine texture with amazement.
   It all faded away from her, the rich sensations passing away... And she awoke , staring into the calm night and starry sky
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PostSubject: Re: The night vision of the Shaman   Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:30 pm

Ylia was walking the forest with her Treeant Oak , giving it an experience few trees ever know .. Walking , seeing and speaking. She laughed at the treeants amazement, finding a deeper joy than she had ever had with folks... She felt like she was truely home and deeply blessed.
As she giggled , on the winds, she heard a cry , entwined in the gentle gusts. She knew instantly what it was... A spirit of a fallen, terrified at the moment of death, helplessly flailing to hold onto a body it had just lost.
Her heart ached and tears welled up in her eyes , as she closed them hard , reaching out to comfort the lost soul... With no spoken words , she shared with it that all was to be well , to trust her, and to lead her back to the fallen body.
Had it refused or hesitated , she would have let it pass on. But as usual, it quickly showed her the way back... To the area where beast men dominate the land and practice their dark arts.
What Ylia came upon beneath the trees there , was not what she expected at all, however.
There on the ground, lay an Elven woman, amid a huge depression in the soil where she had fallen. The impression was in the shape of a massive earth elemental. Ylia easily surmised that she had transformed into this giant form and yet , was ruthlessly beaten to death. With no foot prints leading to nor from that spot, it was likely this was a face to face stand off... With something. Surely beastmen did not do THIS!
It was then... To her amazement... Sitting casually in the shade under a near tree... Was ...The half man half creature that she had seen in her vision!!
It was REAL! ... A deep pit ached in her belly .
As the wide shouldered form arose, it came to the corpse and kicked it several times as a stunned Ylia watched in silence. She realized not even her Treeant could stand more than a moment against this. Looking down at the mutilated Elven corpse, and hearing the hopeful cry of it's soul, she turned to the creature.
" I am going to resurrect this person, but NOT IF you stay only to kill again.. Be off with you! Away!"
The half creature shrugged and left as if it was taking a walk on nice spring day.
Ylia then , using her own body and soul as the bridge, opened the way for the soul to enter the broken body... Then she exhausted herself casting healing powers and instilling the spirits of the forest to help her recover fully ,... Every wound and every scar undone. The Elven eyes opened, as Ylia tried to clean the dried blood away with her own tears.
The dazed elf , evidently one of great power, arose , saying nothing and stumbled off unawares of all that must have passed.
Ylia , drug her tired feet to the nearest Ranger camp and collapsed by the fire.
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The night vision of the Shaman
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