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 The Daleland's Beholder

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PostSubject: The Daleland's Beholder   Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:26 pm

We Hear Ye Hear Ye!

People of the land, now is the time to be ‘eard!

Tired of the bogies people flick on the Bulletin Board?

The Daleland’s Beholder returns and wishes to express your ideas and opinions!

Are you constantly ignored?

Always feel left out of the conversation?

Have a small mouth?

Now is your chance to be ‘eard and ‘eard by all!

Admit it, you read the Beholder.

Well guess what?!

So does everyone else!

Whether they will admit it or not, they can’t help but pick it up and glaze over an article or three!

Here is your chance to catch the eye of that damsel you’ve been rowing to hoe!

Or a place to display that sonnet you’ll make your fame upon!

It’s your turn to tell the authorities what you really think (anonymously if you like).

Or inform our saddened hearts of a loss by obituary.

Wedding announcements!



The possibilities are endless!

Don’t delay, space on each edition is limited!

Contact Spencer Beholder in Freehaven or along the road if you can.

Next issue soon to be in your face!
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The Daleland's Beholder
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