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 A Season's Change

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PostSubject: A Season's Change   Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:19 am

As the chill of autumn slowly settles into the Dales, wind and periodical rainfall sweeps across the forests, such weather being a telltale sign of a cold, many moon's passing yet to come.

Somewhere to the east of Shadowdale and west of Myth Drannor, where the woods are not yet dense and paths well worn, a druid tends to the planting of future trees, setting them into the earth so that they will rise up in spring. She keeps mostly to herself when not encountered by wanderers or hunters, caring for the woodlands, animals included, and preparing for the inevitable winter and the hardening of the soil.

Those simply taking a gander while passing by would have noticed the female masked by cloth fabric mumbling gently under her breath in an odd language, burying seeds before regarding elder plantlife with a wave of an illuminated hand, as though to usher the seemingly inanimate wilderness into a deep slumber.
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A Season's Change
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