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 Evil Races on the Surface; Surfacers in the Underdark

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PostSubject: Evil Races on the Surface; Surfacers in the Underdark   Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:18 am

Quote :

Evil Races on the Surface; Surfacers in the Underdark
In order to have a more lore-accurate setting, and help impose repercussions for dangerous acts and risk taking, any Underdarker found on the surface, and any surfacer found in the Underdark, henceforth de-facto forfeit their RP out by virtue of being monsters in hostile territory.

What does this mean? If you are a Drow or Duergar on the surface, you may be attacked by any surfacer without warning at any time. If you are a surfacer venturing into the Underdark, you may be attacked by any resident without warning at any time.

However, this is not a reciprocal policy. Drow and Duergar on the surface still need to offer an RP out to any surfacers they encounter. Surfacers in the Underdark need to offer an RP out to the local inhabitants.

The use of KO mode, as always, is up to individual player's discretion. Hostile mode must be toggled before an attack begins. Venturing into the surface/Underdark is rife with risk, and anyone killed out of their home sphere may not venture out from it again until 24 hours have elapsed. Do not metagame disguises (if you don't unambiguously know, ICly, what race a PC is, you can't attack them without warning).

Important Note: This applies to the RP out for PvP only. Everything else (things like slavery, torture, dismemberment, etc.) still requires consent.

The surface is considered to be any place that can not be directly accessed from the Underdark, and also includes the Fire Lizard Cave. The -first- level of the Old Tybold mine is exempted form this policy; RP outs from all parties are required there, as normal. This is not license to metagame NPCs (no killing Drow by the campfire in Free Haven, for example).

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Evil Races on the Surface; Surfacers in the Underdark
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