Role-Playing Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2
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PostSubject: Waterdeep   Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:45 pm

After an exhausting day attempting to decipher and make sense of the pillars, Laura krows, mind flayers and impossible magic, Blanche teleports into her chambers in the Sea district of Waterdeep. She had used the gnomish gem she managed to acquire during a Black hound mercenary job. Thankful to be in the comforts of her chambers, she carefully sets her satchel in her vault and proceeds to prepare a bath after ordering a lavish meal.

Somewhat refreshed and calmer, she flicks through the transcript and her notes once more, trying to make sense of anything new at all. After an hour or so, exhaustion takes its toll and she places all her belongings in her vault and retires for the evening.

At dawn, she rises early, performing the luxurious yet mundane activities of the morning before taking her notes and making her way into the more respectable schools of magic and lore, requesting to speak with some of the Magisters. Some of which she may or may not know, depending on how the times have changed. Having moved between schools and magi, showing them her notes- but shrewdly keeping the codex from view unless the chance of potentially useful knowledge arises.

Blanche continues her search, trying to piece together all the information gathered and delving into the details of mind flayers, chronomancy, alien text and anything else that my be potentially useful to preventing a catastrophic future.

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